Startups & Other Ways to Make Money Online In 2020

Startups & Other Ways to Make Money Online In 2020

Everyone wants money as it is a basic necessity for living. If you have clicked on this article you must be willing to earn money? But the only thing which is stopping you is that you don’t have the medium or idea how to approach the dream of earning money. So as the title of this article suggests, we will help you by giving the best ways to start earning money online.

Basic Principles to Earn Money?

Let us consider, you are smart, love challenges, determined to work, and want to earn money. But, you don’t know how to make money and can’t decide which path to take in the future. No need to worry, in this article you will the concept and way of earning money.

  • Start early (even if you start small)

Starting from scratch will always help you to know the basics. Therefore, you will be able to earn money effectively and efficiently. You will have the proper experience and you could do a trial as well as an error at an early age to find better options. However, if you start late there’s a big chance you might fail or be successful. It’s a big risk to take.

  • Keep it simple

Always keep it simple never make things complicated for yourself. Make it systematic and strategize your plan efficiently to make money in the future with the proper path. For instance, you make things complicated in your business and some urgent workload comes up to you. You can be hasty to complete the work instead of analyzing it properly. Hence, without a proper plan, you are bound to fail.

  • Protect yourself and your money

You and your money are important, the struggle you made to earn the life you wanted needs to be protected. Or else these things can go to waste. The money you earned is not safe outside, so what you need to do is to put in your saving accounts, also take life insurance for you to be safe when needed.

So, as we know the basic principles. Let’s move further.


What are the ways to make money online?

Now, we are going to discuss ways to earn money. It is the most interesting part right! What do you think of how many ways are there? The answer is simple there are many ways you could say infinite also. But who has the time to know all those things right? It’s time-consuming so I am going to give you the best 11 ways to make money online which are as follows:

  • Start a Youtube channel 

Make a Youtube channel and upload the most trending contents, do blogging, make vines. You can also make videos on your hobbies like singing, dancing, cooking, art, and crafts, etc. It works the same on Instagram. But for this, the deciding factors are subscribers and viewers. If you have a ton of million subscribers and a high amount of views on your videos you can earn millions. Moreover, companies might approach you for sponsoring their products through which you can also make money online.

  • You can become an Instagram Influencer

This is one of the fastest social media platforms which is expanding and getting famous at a rapid pace. If you have an amazing number of followers. Therefore, you have what it take to influence others into doing something. If you get famous and can post influential content, companies might approach you for sponsorship. You can earn a decent amount of money.

  • Start a Blog or Vlog

A blog/vlog is a kind of activity where you share your daily experience by recording and uploading them fo people to watch. It can be about traveling. You can easily make money online based on how much your content is getting famous among people. Your content has to be strong. However, if people don’t like it, you might get money but not in a large amount.


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  • Learn Stock Market Trading

Stock trading is a term where we buy and sell shares of companies whether it’s public or private. Every buyer requires a seller in the stock market. For example, you bought 100 shares of stock by a seller who’s selling 100 shares to you and vice versa. If there will be more buyers than sellers, the stock price will increase. But if there is a huge number of sellers the price will decrease.

  • Affiliate Marketing

This is all about, suggesting or reviewing the products by a link. If any of the buyers will click the link and buys the product you will get the commission on it. You will be able to earn much faster from doing affiliate marketing.

  • Product Startup

If you want to be an entrepreneur, you can make a startup for your products by focusing on people’s demand and what they are attracted too. If people are into the products, your startup can be successful which will earn you lots of money.

  • Test Websites and Give Feedback 

If you are into setting up the things in the right place. Companies will give you money for testing their websites and point out the good things and bad things. Therefore, by giving them the feedback, websites can remove those flaws and enhance the good things which will pretty much help you earn money.

  • Taking Surveys Online

Online Surveys can help you earn money fast and win prizes this is the option for you. For example, Fill out the online surveys that the company gives out. If you do that then you will be able to earn money.

  • Travel Consultant

Do you like traveling and have traveled in many places. If Yes! Then you can help other people by guiding them on how to travel and what things they should look for? Providing them with a better plan will make it easy for them which can make you earn money.

  • Sell Your Art and Designs

Do you have a passion for designing and creating something new with colors or clothes or something you think is unique? If Yes! Then you got one more option. So, make things that you love to do and try to sell them online. If people like your design, your products can be famous. You can have a high number of orders from the buyers which will help you to earn better. Pretty decent right, you should go for it.


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What are the benefits to make money online?

Many other benefits can be considered as –

  • You get Confidence in working

While doing work online you become more aware of what’s happening around the world. It will bring confidence, once you give it a shot. Once you are confident you will be able to do work a lot faster because you have the experience as well as knowledge about what to do.

  • You become an Independent and Challenging person.

By doing work alone or with a team, you will develop a sense of responsibility and become independent. You will look for challenges that will help you grow.

  • Meeting new skilled people around the world

While working online you will meet new people with their skills on how they run things which can help you build the bond and connection to make you reach further someday.


So to wrap up my article, Everything depends on you it’s not about making small or big amounts, the thing is you have to work smart. You just need to select a proper path for you to reach your goals. In this article hope, you will be able to find a path that you can choose. Just be patient and think properly. As a result, keep one thing in your mind money won’t come overflowing as you start it might not happen right away. To dream big and achieve your goals, you need to be persistent and dedicated.

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