What are mobile applications for and how they are created?

What are mobile applications for and how they are created?

Much has already been said that a business receives unique marketing opportunities thanks to the mobile Internet. Now each person can look up information about the company on the web. You can do a lot with apps and websites. Read books, study, program, and more.

Therefore, there is a surge of activity in the market – companies are striving to develop mobile versions of their sites. There can be no better solution – it is enough to have your own site, convenient for viewing through a mobile device, in order to gain a foothold in a new popular segment. After all, it would be more convenient for the company and its users.

Application types

Most of the mobile audience is concentrated on online services. There are different categories of applications now we’ll talk about them.

  • This is an application for business, it allows you to improve the company’s image because a high-quality mobile application shows customers that your business is up and moving forward. Thus, it makes it clear to the client that your company is proven and does everything with high quality.
  • These are photo or video editing apps. After all, these applications help to process videos or photos as you want. They help you take better and better photos. Thus, if you are an Instagram model, your photos will move forward and forward.
  • These are social networks such as Instagram, Whatsapp, and so on. With their help of them, people can communicate at a distance. Social networks allow customers to be closer to the company. The activity of social media campaigns provides an opportunity to move your brand forward and forward.
  • Games are an opportunity to pass the time with pleasure. With games, our life would be more colorful. After all, scientists have proven that computer games prolong life. And we should all play them for at least 30 minutes a day.


To program or write applications on Android you need to know 2 languages. They are Java and XML. Once you are more or less familiar with the Java and XML language, we advise you to read the Android manual. And go further into the development process.

To program on iOS you need to know a lot of programming languages and programs. These are Java HTML5/JavaScript, C# Objective C, and python. And also the Swift program – with the help of it you will program.

Developing applications on both platforms is very complicated because it requires a lot of knowledge. Therefore, we advise you to turn to specialists who would incomparably help you not to waste time in vain and get the most out of your idea, including micro frontends development, etc.


Design is about understanding the essence of your product, and its functionality, and also about designing useful products for people. One design can describe an entire application.

Design is more than just how something looks and feels. Design is how it works. Application design is a plan or specification for building an object or system, or for carrying out an activity or process. It’s no secret that design is not only work in graphic editors or design tools. It’s also a lifetime for a designer.


To publish an application on Google Play, you need a developer account, which costs $25. You need a computer. Again, unlike iOS, creating and distributing Android apps and games doesn’t require any specific software or platform. You can do this with macOS, Windows, or any other operating system. In fact, even without Android Studio, the “official” IDE for development, you can do without. Android Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) for working with the Android platform.

Publishing apps to the App Store is the most exciting process in a developer’s life. You will need an Apple Developer Account costing $99 per year. Also, you must have a ready-made application in Xcode. You will also need a computer with macOS.

Monetization and Advertising

Have you created an Android application, tested it, and thought about monetization? Time to promote the app on Google Play.

  • Keyword promotion. Now you need keywords to promote your app on Google Play. Such an imitation gives a quick promotion of a game or application on Google Play by getting into the search results.
  • Promotion of Android applications in the TOP. This method is more expensive than keyword promotion but results in a high number of organic installs by increasing visibility in the general sections of the store. 

Promotion of Android applications is possible through the output to the TOP category or the general TOP of Google Play. The second method is the most costly and is suitable for applications with the widest possible audience – dating, music, tickets, etc. 


Application development is a very complex and delicate process that takes a lot of time and effort. Therefore, we advise you to turn to specialists who would incomparably help you not to waste time in vain and get the most out of your idea.

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