How advanced is electric vehicles technology?

 How advanced is electric vehicles technology?

Advancement in the automotive industry has been slow ever since the development and production of the motor engine, there have been small tweaks and updates here and there but nothing as big as electric vehicles has happened in a long time. When hybrid technology first came to the market, it completely revolutionized cars as we knew them, and we entered a new era where electricity and combustion engines worked together to power a car. Such a partnership had never been seen before and ever since then, there’s been more and more advancement.

ERA of Electric Vehicles

Then came the era of the purely electric vehicle. A vehicle that ran solely on electromagnetism and not on fossil fuel-powered engines. Not only were the engines and batteries completely redesigned and rethought to take the reliance on natural resources, but their braking systems were also redeveloped to become more efficient, keeping in line with the kind of power the cars generated. Apart from all this, their charging mechanism was also designed from scratch and

Charging stations have seen an enormous amount of evolution in a short span as well. Even though EVs have only just started to become commercially popular many big cities have already started installing public charging stations to make traveling a breeze. All these are possible because of the advancements made in the research and development of electric vehicles.

Even charging times are becoming shorter and shorter, and the cars are starting to run for more distances at an increased driving range ability. The EVs out on the road, like the Tesla Model 3 are miles better than the generation of electric cars that came before them. They are more efficient, take less time to charge, have a better driving range, and have safer software.

How Electric Cars Boom in the Market?

This is all just the beginning too. Electric Vehicle markets which were hampered by the pandemic, as the coronavirus took hold of the world and production and research stopped in nearly all sectors, are set to double or triple by the end of 2050, and manufacturers and producers are working on additional features to make EVs better and more powerful. More advancements are on the way, as scientists and designers try to figure out how to make electric vehicles lighter, or more specifically how to make their batteries more efficient, leading to less ‘weight spiraling’. There are tests being conducted to make the batteries part of the car’s body itself so that there’s more energy being produced in many parts of the vehicle, rather than just one. Other innovations include bi-directional charging, making the glue that holds the batteries cells more efficient and experimenting with sodium-based batteries or solid-state batteries are all being tweaked around in factories and labs.


No matter what advancements are to come in the future of electric cars, the technology we even have right now is miraculous. It has the power to help earth fight its greatest battle: global warming. As human beings decrease their reliance on fossil fuels and non-renewable resources, we have the ability to help the earth one small step at a time. Green technology has the power to undo all the damage that we have been doing to our planet and advancements in electric car technology only make it a dream that’s more achievable, each day. This is because cars and motor vehicles are one of the biggest contributors to air pollution, globally. The impact that the reduction of gas-guzzling cars can contribute on the cause is exponential.

What Makes Electric Vehicles Smart?

Software being used in electric vehicles is also being made smarter and smarter. From smarter infotainment systems to better GPS navigation, the IoT era is making its way to our dashboards as well. Apart from that automated driving and assisted driving are already being introduced in cars, of which cruise control and assisted parking are all examples. In the future, experts predict an almost I-Robot kind of car journey, where you can browse the internet, scroll through social media, answer emails, take calls, and do other important tasks all from the comfort of your self-driving cabin. Touchscreen windows and other imaginative interactive elements are stated to become a reality soon.

Wrap Up

We truly are in a special era in the lifecycle of the car. Transitioning into something better, more efficient, and more technological than we ever thought possible. The future holds some more amazing technological advancements in a field that is already a marvel to behold. The first step to everything that the industry achieves and will continue to achieve will be the development of electric vehicles and their commercial viability.

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