3 Useful Platforms That Will Help People During Pandemic

3 Useful Platforms That Will Help People During Pandemic

The first case of covid-19 was discovered on December 31st, 2019. Every individual on the planet’s life has changed tremendously since that tragic day. It had devolved into a far cry from what it had been before the virus swept the world. All of this is now impossible if children attend class in the four corners of the classroom, study with their peers, and so on.

Universities are now required to provide online education. Fortunately, it is not difficult to accomplish with the assistance of technology. Students’ mobile phones and computer devices can be used to learn at home. However, remember that not all websites are appropriate for children, and some are dangerous; thus, in this case, it is necessary to pick useful platforms to study.

PDFBear: Tool for Online Necessities 

Many online classes rely significantly on digital papers since they have no other method of passing and receiving assignments and reading materials from their lecturers and peers. In addition, this type of file is required since it is quick to transfer, compact, compatible with a broad range of computer devices, and secure.

This is not always the case; thankfully, several file managers are available to aid students in making a faultless file, not only in terms of content but also in the format. PDFBear is an excellent example of a file manager. It can convert Microsoft Excel, Ppt, Word, word docs, and JPGs to PDF and add page numbers to PDF.

PDFBear also includes a host of other tools to help pupils do their coursework more effectively. There’s a PDF splitter, a PDF merger, a PDF compressor, a PDF editor, PDF repair, and a slew of other tools. But, most importantly, it can secure your data by creating passwords with a 256-bit encryption mechanism, which is a difficult-to-crack security mechanism.

Google Meet: Get in Touch With Everybody Virtually

One of the most challenging components of this pandemic is connecting with other people. Since schools have been obliged to take courses online, this has been a source of anxiety for students and teachers. However, we are now in the twentieth century, and connecting and communicating with people from all over the world is no longer a problem.

Google Meet is a platform that allows students and teachers to meet in person to discuss and communicate about academic issues. Even though hundreds of video-conferencing systems are accessible on the internet today, Google Meet is one of the best since it provides a more profound connection than the others.

Because it is free to use, this website is excellent for students and teachers. All you need is a Google account to take advantage of the superb video-conferencing experience. In addition, every Google Meet meeting can accommodate up to 100 individuals, which is more than enough to accommodate everyone in the class. 

It also has some exciting and helpful features, such as adding a design to the background to cover up your messy room, display sharing when you want to show Powerpoint presentations, the ability to record the entire class debate, and incomparable security, because only the links or code are available for the meeting.

Zoom: Virtual Communication

With our all-in-one communications platform, you can reach new audiences, improve consumer experiences, and accomplish more. You can develop relationships, enhance cooperation, and create an entertaining meeting experience with HD video and audio for up to 1,000 people.

With our worldwide cloud phone service, you can power your voice communications with secure call routing, call queues, SMS, call elevating to meetings, and much more. In addition, our chat service, which is included with your subscription, improves workflows, enhances productivity, and guarantees workers can interact securely internally and externally.

Using HD video and audio, wireless information sharing, and interactive whiteboarding, you can adapt your conference rooms to evolving workforce demands while balancing office and remote experiences. With video meetings, phone conversations, whiteboarding, and annotation on your collaboration device, you can bring the functionality of the office to your home.

Zoom is most likely the most well-received collaboration tool we’ve seen at Fox in the last 20 years. Zoom is the only instrument that has brought people closer together. Zoom is natural and straightforward to use; download it, click, and you’re in. Zoom is something I use on a flight, in the car, at home, and at work.


Technology is a blessing to everybody, as well as a crucial tool in an ever-changing world. It benefits us on some levels and in several different ways. Only a few instances of how valuable and convenient technology may be are offered on the websites.

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