4 Useful Functions That People Should Use From PDFBear

4 Useful Functions That People Should Use From PDFBear

For many people, such as employees or students, it’s not easy to handle their PDFs without using the right tool. Unlocking, protecting, or even merging their PDFs is not achievable on the go if they don’t use PDFBear because this revolutionary online software is always available anytime and anywhere. 

Managing PDFs is relatively easy if you use the tools of PDFBear. Users can resort to this software to compress, unlock, and add watermarks to their PDF files within a minute. Aside from that, PDFBear is also the safest and most secure tool to utilize because its system will abruptly remove your documents, not more than 60 minutes. With that, here’s a list of PDFBear tools that will help you handle your PDF files.

Unlock PDF

Do you find it quite annoying and time-consuming if you have essential PDF files that are protected? If that’s the case for you, then you need to start using this online function. The unlock PDF tool will allow you to decrypt any protected PDFs without adding any inconvenience to your life.

Protected or encrypted PDFs are hard to handle for many individuals. But with PDFBear, this function can help you and will provide the Unlock PDF tool to remove those passwords from any PDF files for free. An average PDF user might not find the right tool, but they can easily open and unlock any protected PDF files easily with this feature. The process that PDFBear will give is easy to perform and follow; that’s why anyone can do it in a few clicks. With that, here’s how to use the unlock PDF tool from PDFBear:

  1. Choose the document file that you wish to open and start uploading it.
  2. Put in the password.
  3. Hit “Unlock PDF” to open the file.
  4. Users can now download the PDF file.

Compress PDF

Compressing a PDF is essential if you want to send the file through email. Shrinking the file size of a PDF document can also help you save some memory space from your mobile devices or computer. This process is helpful for students or employees who are frequently sharing ideas or presentations through email.

If you want to conveniently and efficiently compress your PDFs, PDFBear is here to serve you. Some software might sacrifice your files’ quality after compressing them, but if you use the compress PDF tool of PDFBear, reducing the file size of your PDFs is achievable in seconds while keeping the quality. If you don’t know to use this feature, here’s how you can compress your PDF files:

  1. Choose the documents that you need to compress quickly.
  2. Choose any option available.
  3. Your data will be scanned and compressed in a while.
  4. After the process, start downloading and sharing the newly compressed PDF file.

Add Watermark

By using this tool, people can place any watermarks on PDF files without any difficulty. There are many options to add watermarks to PDF files, but it’s up to you what method you will choose. Besides this feature, users can still use other PDFBear features to manage their PDF files and to add signature to PDF.

In less than 30 seconds, you can add texts to your PDFs with this tool. Besides that, PDFBear will allow you to modify the watermark’s transparency or typography that you will add. You can either choose to put images or text as your watermarks. Below are the easy to follow steps in doing the process:

  1. Choose, drag, and upload the data that you need to add a watermark to.
  2. Decide on the picture or text that you want to be your watermark.
  3. Choose the spot where you will place the watermark.
  4. Save the changes and start downloading the file. 

Password Protect PDF

If you want your files to be safe and secure from hackers or unwanted individuals, you need to add passwords. This process is necessary because today, it is expected that others might take something that doesn’t belong to them. 

The process will only take you four steps, and after encrypting any file, PDFBear will delete any uploaded files after an hour on their server. So no one would ever find your documents online with that statement, and it is safe to say that you successfully protected your files.


The most common and recommended tool that people use to organize their PDF files for free is PDFBear. It’s helpful if your goal is to compress, convert, unlock, and protect your PDF files without putting in a lot of effort. With that said, you can start using the features of PDFBear and handle your files with no hassle and more conveniently.

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