Boolean Logic: Significance of Information Theory

Boolean Logic: Significance of Information Theory

Are you aware you use boolean logic to search the web? It is only responsible to have all search results on the web page. Furthermore, It constitutes the basis for the design of circuits used in electronic digital computers. so have a look through the article, exactly what it is, how it works, and its merits and demerits. Moreover, we will discuss its operations namely AND, NOT, and OR. And also some of its examples. So, let’s start.

What is boolean logic?

Boolean is a kind of algebra expression, where the values are calculated in the form of true or false. The true or false value is calculated to check the conditions and selection. They are expressed from 0 to 1numbers. Also, boolean logic is used in most programming languages. George Boole is the inventor of the same. It includes a comparison between the statements. And therefore, evaluate whether they are true or false. It acts as a medium between the search results and our search keywords as help in combining different concepts. 

In programming, language logic is a data type consisting of two truth values of logic and boolean algebra.

Boolean logic uses expressions such as AND, OR, NOT 

  • Firstly, AND-If 2  comparisons are TRUE then the result is also true.
  • NOT-In NOT  condition should be false
  • OR-if one of the two comparisons is true, the result is also true.

Examples of Boolean Expressions

1-For example lets consider a=4,b=8

statement=b>a,expression=b is greater than a 

BOOLEAN VALUE=True,when a=4and b=8 ,b is greater than a .

2-Another example lets take a=5,b=10

statement a=b,expression =a is equal to b

BOOLEAN VALUE=False,when a=5,b=10 they are not equal.

3-Another example lets take x=3,y=9

statement=y<x,expression=y is lower than x

BOOEAN VAUE=False,when x=3,y=9,x is lower than y.


It prints out the message depending on the results of the two tests. If the score of each test appears to be 5 or more than 5, then the message you have passed appears. Otherwise, a message sorry try again appears.AND operation tests a given condition to make a decision.

  1. if score1 is equal to or greater than 5 then it is true
  2. if score 2 is less than 5 ten It is false
  3. Both conditions are true, you have passed is shown 
  4. If both or either conditions are false, sorry try again is shown


The expression is used to exclude the nodes from the user’s definition; as a result, it will not give any result with that term. In other words, when we have to check if a condition is false, we check it by using not.



In this the score of either one is greater than 5 or equal to 5 then the message you have passed appears. Otherwise sorry try again appears.

  1. If either condition or both the conditions are true, then the whole result is true
  2. if neither condition is true or both conditions are false, then the combined results are false.

Drawbacks of Boolean Expressions

To be perfect is also a problem in information technology, the same is with boolean expressions. It limits itself by searching the results of an exact match. It has many other drawbacks too that are:

  • It only gives answers in yes or no
  • it does not give answers in maybe
  • the language of boolean logic is very complex and is not easy to understand.

The advantage of boolean algebra is that it tells us about the truth and falsity of a statement. It allows be more feasible searches on the web page and allows us to have a more specific set of definitions.

winding up

Every operation of boolean algebra works differently. And gives answers in yes or no. It is most helpful in programming languages in java. Also, it was developed in the 1990s and was very helpful in electronic circuits. 

Hope this article helps you to understand what the boolean logic and expression mean and how it works. Our motive through the article to make you aware of the terminology and its working and requirement in the field of Information technology.


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