What Is The Keyword Planner Google Tool?

What Is The Keyword Planner Google Tool?

As mentioned in our earlier articles, Google has introduced various tools for its users. One among them is the keyword planner google tool. People who have been using it often have this question that what is the alternative to Google Keyword Planner? We will know that in this article.

Google Keyword Planner

The keyword planner google tool is a popular keyword analysis tool that provides plenty of information about a keyword. The name is actually ‘Google Keyword Planner- Achieve your marketing tool’. It is ideal for marketers who want to make their content engaging and target customers. This is an ideal solution for a search campaign is. There is confusion among people if the google keyword planner tool free? Then yes, this tool is free to use. Use this tool to find out new keywords connected to your business. Also, see estimations of the searches they receive and of course, the cost to target them.

How to use the Google Keyword Planner tool?


  • Access Google Keyword Planner: Though this is a free tool but one need to have a Google Ads account. In case you do not have it, register in AdWords and log in. Now click on the wrench icon in the toolbar at the top of the page ‘AdWords – Toolbar’. Select “Keyword Planner”. When you will open it, you will see two distinct tools within the Keyword Planner: “Discover New Keywords” and “Get search volume and forecasts”. However, these two tools are sufficient to develop thousands of probable keywords as they are formulated with PPC advertisers in mind. 


  •  Choose Your Tool: As mentioned there are two main tools i.e., Discover New Keywords: Here you will see “enter products or services closely related to your business” Now you can enter multiple keywords into this field. Just put a comma after each keyword. Once you have passed your information into one (or all three). Click Get results. You will see the Keywords Results Page. 
  • Filter and Sort the Results:  Now, filter the list of keywords. It helps you to get a smaller list of terms. You will land on a page where you will see at the top of the page, there is given four targeting options: Locations(this is the country or countries that you are marketing or want to market to), Language (the language of the keywords you want to see information on), Search networks (it is nothing but locations and language are automatically set to target the United States. Now, this target audience is your Search Network) and Date Range ( keep it 12 months).


  • Evaluate the Keyword Ideas Section: After filtering the results down to keywords now analyze the keyword ideas section.

  • Choose Your Keywords: Your final step is to choose a keyword considering all the factors.



What is the alternative to Google Keyword Planner?

Though google keyword planner is one of a kind it too has cons, thus people search for an alternative.

  • Ahref’s: Ahrefs’ is popular for backlink reporting and organic traffic dashboards. However, they also have a keyword research tool. Having a keyword difficulty score metric, it is a powerful tool.
  • SEMrush: Do you know the SEMrush keyword tool dataset of search data is run from 26 different countries? It is dominated and is currently ranking in the market.


  • Moz: This is a supplement of the SEO research suite provided by them. You can filter the option to eliminate the query term to get better ideas. 
  • Keywordtool.io: In this tool, one can select keywords even from  Google TLD and of course, there are related options for the other engines it supports.


  •  Scrapebox: Well Scrapebox, allows a small handful of keywords turned into hundreds and thousands of possibilities. It is also known as the black hat SEO tool.
Final Words

Google’s tool is always powerful and awesome. This tool is especially for marketers out there. Try this tool and in case you find any problems you can always find its alternative. Some of them are mentioned above.

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