A Tour To The Google Tools

A Tour To The Google Tools

Just like water is important for human, google is important for the tech world. Google has given the world so much. We can not even imagine our phones without google. Honestly, our lives revolve around it, starting from the small query to preparing for the mock tests around, we need google to be with us. Google now has expanded itself. You can say Google itself is a wide term now. There are many companies now who have merged with google to succeed. Lately, Google has introduced various tools for its users and Google tools are one of a kind. Lets us know what are those and what benefits does it provides to its users.

Brief on Google

We all know the basics about Google but do you know how Google got its name? Well once it was misspelled as Google, from the word “googol”, the number 1 followed by 100 zeros. It was plucked to indicate that this search engine will deliver large quantities of information.  So the main purpose of Google is to search for text in publicly available documents offered by web servers, as opposed to other data. Developed in 1997 by Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Scott Hassan, Google has gained popularity in a short period.

Google Tools

The best part about it is that Google provides its tools for free whether it’s google tools for websites, google toolbars, google tools keywords. Everything is free. These are some of the best tools of Google to date:


  • Google Adwords: Want traction with organic search traffic? Then this is the tool you need to use. Google Adwords is a paid search campaign tool. One needs to bid for the right keywords. In return get vast quality traffic. The conversions will fulfill or surpass the value you pay for your ads. However, make sure to use advanced targeting options for location, mobile, or desktop browsers to get the mark audience.
  • Google AdWords Keyword Tool: Many times content writers struggle for keywords. Well, this tool can work for you as entering a wide term, one will get bunches of keyword ideas which you can further dig into. Also, you will get to know if how much a keyword is popular, and accordingly, you can choose. Also, it shows the cost per click details in case one is trying to target the keyword.
  • Google Alerts: Google alerts helps you keep on top of the latest news, mentions of your brand, or other items in Google search. Just systematize your Google Alerts. How does it work? See, when you enter a search query, you will get a variety of results. Then you will receive the option to have them delivered regularly to your email inbox or RSS reader.


  • Google Analytics: Being one of the most popular and powerful tools, one can understand vastly about their website’s visitors. Starting from Demographics (where you will know about your audience’s location and language), Social Engagement ( here you can check where your social networks visitors come from, and how they interact with your website’s social plugins), Technology Used ( here you will get to know what browsers, operating systems, and networks are used by the visitors to view your website) and many more.
  • Google Blogger:  Planning to start a blog? Sometimes what happens a blogger is that they do not dedicate to a self-hosted blogging platform like WordPress. Well, then Google Blogger is for you.
  • Google Blog Search: Now what is Google Blog search? It is indeed a powerful tool for Google.  The best part about this is that you can turn the search results into an RSS feed. It works to keep up with mentions of the website on blogs.


  • Google AdSense: Do you know you can earn a little income if you have ever created a nook website for linking objectives or affiliate marketing or content development, or another purpose using Google AdSense?  Just place some ad code in the header, content, and sidebar of the website, and gain modest income. However, your income relies on the topic of the website also the number of visitors.

To Sum Up

Google tools are very much influential and helpful. It works. These are some of the tools which I have mentioned above though there are many. Marketers can look up to this once.

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