Alternatives to PubG Mobile: Top 5 PubG Alternatives

Alternatives to PubG Mobile: Top 5 PubG Alternatives


In another surprise move, the Department of Information and Technology has banned 118 Indian mobile apps in India including the popular Bat Royale game – PUBG Mobile. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds aka PUBG was launched in 2018 worldwide. And from the day it has possibly become one of the most popular games in the world. If you are also a die-hard  PUBG fan, you might now be looking for another shooter or war games to replace PUBG on your phone. Further, Check out some of the top 5 PUBG alternatives here.

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PUBG Mobile Alternatives

  • Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty - Alternatives to PUBG
Call of Duty: Mobile 

Starting with the top  PUBG alternative in India, the mobile version of Call of Duty (CoD) is very popular in India. Launched in October 2019, Call of Duty: Mobile has become a huge fan base. In case you could not save yourself from PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty: Mobile can be a great alternative.  The Graphics is one of the strongest points of this game as a player that the game responds to because of its well-organized physics.

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Call of Duty: the mobile game is a first-person shooter (FPS) with combat mode including a large map, bullets, and Zombies. 

The game has a rating of 4.8 on the Apple App Store and takes up to  1.9 GB space. On the other hand, it has over 100 million downloads in the Google Play Store with a rating of 4.5. It takes up to 1.5GB of space on Android smartphones.

  • Garena Free Fire

Free Fire

Free Fire is the same war game as PUBG Mobile. Available for Android and iOS, Free Fire received the “Best Game” award from the Google Play Store in 2019. A non-Chinese alternative to PUBG, both Free Fire and PUBG Mobile follow the same battle. Free fire is slightly suppressed except that some features are specific.

Free Fire allows along with fifty players on one island, for 10 minutes. You can differ the look of the character with clothes and accessories.

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The game is available in the Google Play Store editor selection and has a rating of 4.1 also more than 500 million downloads. It takes 580MB size on Android smartphones. The Apple App Store has a rating of 4 and takes up to  1.4 GB space.

  • Black survival

Black Survival - Alternatives to PubG
Black Survival 

Coming to the next PUBG alternative in India, Black Survival is a real-time survival game and click. Also available for free on Android and iOS, Black Survival can be played with up to 10 players in a battle-royale race on an ever-expanding battlefield with 22 locations to explore.

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It has a rating of 4.1 on google play store after more than one million takes up to 77MB of space on an android smartphone. For IOS devices, has a rating of 4.6 and takes 389MB size.

  • Battle Royale 3d – Warrior63

Battle Royale 3d Warrior63
Battle Royale 3d Warrior63

Like most war games you get dropped as well as that you have to look for weapons and other items to fight buildings, containers, etc. You should avoid the poison circle and dodge other player’s attacks. It includes a 4x4km map including land, sea and mountains, and different locations. All in all, it is a basic war game.

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It has a rating of 3.9 on Google Play Store also more than one million downloads and takes up to 99MB space on your Android smartphone, it has the same rating on the iOS and takes up 318.1MB of space.

  • Hopeless Land: Fight For Survival

Hopeless Land - Alternatives to PUBG
Hopeless Land

It supports up to 121 players. It is also a very simple war royale game. To play this game you don’t need to have a high-end gaming phone.

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It has a rating of 3.9 on Google Play Store also more than 50 million downloads. It takes up to 346MB of space on the  Android smartphone. For iOS devices, it takes up 487.2MB space and has a rating of 3.9 too.


So, these are the PUBG mobile alternatives. Undoubtedly these PUBG alternative has become very popular and has been downloaded by many people. These games show a lot of scope of the development. Lastly, We hope that one of these games can close the gap in your heart after losing PUBG Mobile.



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