FAUG: An Indian alternative to PUBG

FAUG: An Indian alternative to PUBG

Highlights of FAUG

  • FAUG will be a shooting game between a single-player vs multiplayer game.
  • It seeks to promote local Indian apps as the Chinese apps are getting banned.
  • 20% of its revenue will be contributed to the Bharat ke Veers initiative launched by PM.
  • Lastly, the developer of the app Vishal Gondal said that this game is expecting to have 200 million users in a year.


FAUG (Fearless and United Guards) is an alternative game to PUBG which is being published by Bengaluru and Ncore games. Although the parents seem really happy after this ban because their kids spent their time in such games and neglected their studies and other productive things during this quarantine.

Reasons to Play FAUG

20 tweets and many more promoting this game and saying that this game will provide 20% of it’s revenues to the government fundraising initiative Bharat ke veer. Although there is no information about the release date of the game and on which devices it will be compatible. It is not clear whether it will work on smartphones or on personal computers.

Actor Akshay Kumar also promoted the development of this game through his Twitter account. He mentioned it is proud to mention an Indian based game that will help you in entertainment as well as it will make you understand the sacrifice of our soldiers.

The teaser of FAUG has been released as soon as the pubg banned. So, that the youngsters don’t have to stress over it.

The Launch 

This game is developed by Vishal Gondal. Ncore games and Vishal Gondal together developed this game with the association of each other. The main reason why Akshay Kumar is promoting this game is that he always made films about soldiers and social issues of our country. So, he is really promoting this game in his twitter account. It is expected that the game will be launched by the end of October 2020. The development of this game is a step to push the idea of Atmanirbhar Bharat.

How FAUG is a step to Atma nirbhar Bharat?

  1. It is totally a local Indian action based game developed.

2. 20% of its profit will be donated to the Bharat veer, which is ultimately beneficial for India. 

3. Lastly, it will help the youngsters to know about the sacrifices that a soldier does on the battleground for our safety. Therefore, they will also feel motivated.

The reason behind PUBG Ban

PubG (player unknown battleground) is an online multiplayer game developed by the PubG corporation. It is one of the best games and best played video games all the time. The game PUBG has earned a revenue gain of $1.3 billion in the first year and it has the highest downloads in India. It earned around $3 in the rest of the years. The reason for putting a ban on PubG is that it was a threat to the country’s security and sovereignty. It was also said that the Chinese companies were stealing the Indian data and using it for some other purposes.

It was a piece of shocking news when people got to know about it. PubG the most played game by the Indian youngsters have now been banned in India by prime minister Narendra Modi on 3rd September 2020. 

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Indeed it is a proud moment for India to develop its own action-based game just after the ban of the Chinese game named PUBG. The developers of the FAUG game are expecting to receive a huge response as much as the game PUBG received and many more. 

The only curiosity that the youngsters have is will this Indian game will be as great as the pubg game was? Will it be as full of adventures as pubg was? Well, the youngsters will receive the answers to their questions after the launch of the game. It is a step towards Atma nirbhar Bharat. People are twitting a lot about this game and sharing a lot of funny memes about it too. Some have their eyebrows raised and some are happy with the decision. Therefore, people will get to know about it only after the launch of this game.

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