Guerrilla Marketing: The Modern Scenario of Marketing

Guerrilla Marketing: The Modern Scenario of Marketing

We all often hear about guerrilla or guerrilla warfare but recently a new term is in trend, which we get to hear frequently and most of us are not familiar with it. So, let us know about Guerrilla Marketing.


Firstly, when it comes to marketing, companies use and develop numerous strategies and tactics to impress their clients. Consequently, one of the marketing strategies is Guerrilla Marketing. The term Guerrilla Marketing was introduced in 1984 by Leo Burnett’s creative director Jay Conrad Levinson in his book i.e ‘Guerrilla Marketing ‘.

Guerrilla Marketing is a type of marketing strategy where a business does the promotion of its products by surprise or in a stunning way. It generates an impression among the customers. It is a low-cost promotion technique that is mainly for small businesses. However, bigger companies use it for their product or brand promotion.

It also comes with a risk for bigger companies as if the advertising does not perform well it may weaken the company reputation but when it comes to small businesses it is a bit safer as they do not possess that much of risk.

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Examples of Guerrilla Marketing

It plays a vital role in informing and increasing the sale of the product of the business. Some of the common examples of Guerrilla Marketing, which we witness in our daily life are:-

  • Stencil Graffiti Art Works

Many businesses for guerrilla marketing, use the Stencil Graffiti Art Work form. Here, the artist uses papers with cut out to give the stencil a natural look.

  • Flash Mob

Companies also organize flash mobs as a complementary element of a campaign.

  • Stealth Marketing

Also known as buzz marketing. It is a type of marketing where a person without even understanding is being marketed.

  • Stickers

It is a low cost yet effective way of marketing. As a result, it works as a vehicle for the brand.

  • Creative landing pages

Creating landing pages is a technique where the user when clicking on a link in an email or ads from social media lands on a page/site of the company.

  • Creative billboard

It is an outdoor form of advertising. You can see Guerrilla marketing on roads or areas where there is high traffic. So that it is easily visible and many people can see it.

  • Guinness Customer Wraps to Pool cues

What Guinness did is, he took advantage of the fact that whenever people come to play pool they take a beer. He used his brain here and did successful marketing.


Advantages of Guerrilla Marketing

  • Cost-effective: It is a low cost yet effective marketing technique.
  • Creativity: People get attracted by the creation of the business to promote its product. It works as a word of mouth.
  • Profit: It gives higher profitability if you invest in it and use various and trending tactics to advertise your business.

Disadvantages of Guerrilla Marketing

  • Reputation: Firstly, if the advertising does not work for the product it can rapidly change your reputation among the customers.
  • Time-consuming: It is a slow process. You can’t see overnight results in these kinds of marketing.
  • Illegal: You may be threatened with the law. Sometimes Graffiti and Stickers in the roads are not acceptable by law.

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It is a trending marketing technique which is a low cost and effective method to advertise your product. But before switching to Guerrilla marketing make sure you know the cons too and you are also you are ready to invest your time.


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