Importance Of Video In Digital Marketing

Importance Of Video In Digital Marketing

54% of consumers like watching videos coming from their favorite brands. Whopping! Isn’t it?

Video In Digital Marketing has become the lifestyle these days, with video consumption increasing at a very rapid pace. It has increased to a level where 87% of the marketers now rely on videos for the visibility and the sale of their products and services.

Video marketing statistics put forward that 94% of marketers consider video one of the most significant parts of their digital marketing strategies. Whether it is news, entertainment, sports, or other forms of content, videos have overpowered all of them.

Hence, it has become important for businesses to develop video marketing strategies for boosting brand affinity and customer engagement. Video marketing has the power of helping businesses thrive despite the trying times.

Still skeptical?

Let’s dive right into understanding the significance of video in the digital marketing plan of almost any company, small or large.

Videos Lead to Increased Website Traffic

Companies involving videos in their digital marketing plans have higher chances of noticing a boost in their website traffic. And that’s a fact!

As per reports, 86% of marketers believe that videos have increased the dwell time of the visitors on their sites. Another 83% of the marketers claim that there can be a considerable increase in visitors to their sites ever since they have incorporated videos into them.

The percentages above are quite significant considering what it means for businesses when even one additional individual visits their site regularly. You might not understand, but it’s a big deal for businesses to have people sticking to their sites. An increase of even a second in the dwell time of the visitors is huge for the business owners.

Videos Offer Value in the First Place!

The key objective behind providing brand videos to the viewers is offering them something valuable instead of pestering them with information about your products and services. When using videos for business marketing, the idea is to provide value first and brand second.

Continuously stuffing video frames with brand merchandise and products do not get the businesses very far. That’s because the viewers ultimately watch a video to get something out of it instead of understanding more about a certain brand.

Videos that relate to the products and services of a brand but do not directly promote the same can make the viewers have an emotional reaction to the products presented.

Videos Help with Lead Generation

Going by the reports, 84% of marketers also state that videos have helped them generate a lot of leads. Now, this is another big deal for the businesses of the present times. Simply glossing through these statistics without understanding what they really mean for businesses might be a little confusing.

For the uninitiated, even a single additional lead serves as a new source of revenue for businesses. So, when they bring about a magical increase in leads, marketers consider videos one of the best digital marketing tools.

Now understanding why videos help in generating leads is also important. It is because of their dynamic nature. It’s easier to get prospective customers into watching short videos than having them go through static images and textual posts.

Video Marketing Reduces Advertising Cost

Businesses can reduce their advertising expenditure to a considerable extent by including videos in their digital marketing campaigns. Video marketing is one of the most affordable ways of promoting a brand.

Businesses can attract the interest of a huge and highly targeted group of audiences online only by spending a meager amount on videos. Best of all, there are video-making and editing tools like InVideo available for free online.

Such tools make it all the more convenient and easier for marketing professionals to come up with stunning videos despite having no skills in this realm.

YouTube continues to be the channel of choice for video marketing enthusiasts, considering the low cost of advertising on this medium. It offers new scopes of advertising for the eCommerce businesses specifically.

It enables marketers to run highly interactive video ads where prospective customers can get a complete list of their products and prices. Consumers can easily scroll through these lists and purchase the products they require.

Another cost-effective way of using video advertisements is going for the lead form ads. These are highly persuasive and engaging video advertisements that can grab the attention of the prospects right from the beginning.

Videos Create Brand Awareness

Videos are one of the most significant tools for marketers when it comes to increasing brand awareness. Customers these days hardly have the time to read the content presented by a brand or engage with its image or text-based content.

They are more likely and more comfortable watching short videos featuring the products and services of a brand. That’s because watching videos does not take much time, and they are enjoyable and eye-catching at the same time.

And yes, if the videos are of the highest quality and can keep the viewers’ attention intact beyond the first few seconds, that’s even better for the brands. Such consumers might click through to the business websites, follow the business account on social media channels, and might even have increased chances of viewing more content in the near future.

It does not matter if the customers have not made it past the first few seconds. Even then, your videos have caught their attention, and they might remember the name, products, and services of your brand in the future.

Thus, videos are one of the easiest ways of creating brand awareness which is crucial for businesses looking to draw in consumers.


So, if you have still not started using videos in your digital marketing campaign, it’s high time you have your hands on it. Getting the right software for this task is also an important step, and we suggest doing your research well and figuring out what works for you. Sites like this one here can help you compare services and see what you can get for free or for your money.  From the above illustration, it goes without saying that visual content is undoubtedly the most powerful tool in 2021.

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