Mistakes You Must Avoid For The On-Site SEO

Mistakes You Must Avoid For The On-Site SEO

The whole world is not familiar with the word “Digitization”. Hence, the topic of SEO is not unfamiliar anymore. However, not many people are aware of the actual importance of SEO. Everybody wants their web pages to rank high on Google or any other search engine. But to qualify for these criteria, you need to know the fundamentals. Without the basics, you cannot formulate the best strategy for fruitful results.

The SEO Agency Melbourne gives out insights into the biggest mistakes that one tends to make. Moreover, these theories will make you confident about your duties for improved SEO content. Several people get stuck with the SEO issues and do not know the way to come out of it. However, research into the topic can provide the details. The checklist covers multiple issues which you face difficulties in addressing. Some are pretty natural while some can be extremely unusual. But there must be preparations to tackle any situation.

Here, we are going to discuss the top mistakes of 2020 that should not make for On-site SEO. The detailed guide will undoubtedly throw some light on the common errors that the majority make.

Top Problems To Deal With

  • Duplicate Content

This is the most crucial problem while sealing with SEO content. In the digital world, these are the primary blocks. It refers to similar content or that appreciably matches with some other content. Research shows that more than 50% of the SEO issues relate to duplicate content. Publishing such content will not let you search between pages for getting better ranks. There is no penalty for this action. However, obtaining unique content from the web is the right of every user. Thus, you need to be very careful about this issue.

  • Meta Descriptions

Analysis of various sites shows that almost 30% of them are suffering from duplicate meta descriptions. Furthermore, in 25% of the sites, the meta description is absent. The entry of a viewer into your website depends a lot on the meta description. Therefore, any compromise in this area will have a significant impact on your viewers. To fix these issues, you can use some specialized Audit Tools. Identify the faulty places and correct the problem immediately. The right meta descriptions will turn your page more productive.

  • Low Word Count

This is another important factor while determining the success of an SEO article. Crawling of more than 18% of the websites revealed a low word count. One must not use any fluff to produce the content. However, the minimum number of words for any permissible content is not there. Google generally gives good ranks to content with depth. Therefore, you have to keep the content reasonably long enough to make it more productive. People must benefit from the particular context. So, let your creation be valuable for every reader.

  • Multiple On-page Links

On-page links are obviously necessary for a well-ranked web page. However, you must not use too many of the same. The viewers will lose interest in such content and will not stay on the page for long. Good SEO always needs to maintain the quality of the website. Additionally, the linkages should be in favor of the audience. Follow the restrictions and keep your on-page links as per the requirement. You can go for a link audit to identify any such fault in your page. Every link must be capable of value creation. Ensure that your page provides a great experience to all the viewers.

  • Broken Links

For the onsite SEO, the broken internal and external links can be a vital problem, indeed. With the growth of your site, you need to update the resources too. One or two cases of 404 errors can be negligible. However, it becomes hectic to deal with several of them. It is a serious cause for fall in the traffic. Too many broken links will lead to a high risk for your page. Furthermore, the search engine will not consider your page for crawling or indexing. Therefore, be alert about this situation and learn about some tips to avoid such conditions.


The mistakes are not limited to only the above ones. From SEO Agency Melbourne, you can get some suitable suggestions regarding these issues. Expert advice always enhances the potential of your site. Resolve the crawl ability issues and attract more audiences to your portal.

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