Telegram Messenger: Updated with New Features

Telegram Messenger: Updated with New Features

Instant messaging app Telegram messenger has updated a new feature in which you can upload videos to your profile and you can also share files up to 2GB to make it more convenient and easier for their users. Telegram allows its user to maintain three accounts on desktop prominently. It has also added features like improved people nearby, mini-thumbnail, group-stat, and many more.
In this article, you will get to know detail information about every feature stated by the company.

Features updated by Telegram Messenger

Group stats over 500 people

As Instagram professional accounts can show their growth and engagement via insight, similarly group stats can also view their activity and growth through a detailed graph. This also let the groups know their hourly and weekly engagement report. Further, the company has mentioned that in the near future they will provide channel stats to all the group admin with 100 members.

Redesigned music player

Telegram has redesigned the music participants for the Android gadgets with a new icon along with expanded noticeable checklists. Users can also manage to loop, shuffling, and even can alter the specific observer order in the message. With a built-in video editor, the user can crop and rotate the movie.

Multiple accounts on telegram messenger desktop

Desktop users might acquire more accounts on telegram. From 2017, users can simply stay signed with three accounts from different numbers. But now it has been extended for cellphone users. In contrast, with Whats App web users need active login but it is not required in telegram

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Mini-thumbnails in Used

 In this feature, a small thumbnail preview of shared will be shown will be seen in the conversation list instead of showing a photo icon. Even users can also automatically archive all the chats from people who are not in the contact list. Features are accessed by heading to privacy and security settings and enabling the automatic archive features.

Filter new chat-from non-contacts

This one of the best features is now available in Telegram. If the user doesn’t want to chat or continuously getting many messages. They can switch in privacy and security settings which will automatically archive or mute the chat people who are not in your contact list. However, users can access these archive chats and easily can bring back to the main contact list.

People nearby

This feature was updated last June, for exchanging contact information face to face. In this feature, users are counsel with the greeting stickers to start the conversation. Users can contact anyone via People nearby section and will get to know how far they are.


This is also one of the features available in the Telegram app. When the user is taking photos or making videos in front-facing- camera in the media editor which allows softening the image before sharing it to someone. Video player is now available with a redesigned new button having an expendable track-list and video editor.

Additional Features in Telegram Messenger

Apart from this now users can share the media file up to 2GB which was earlier having a sharing limit of 1.5 GB, ultimately 93 times larger than 16 MB file size supported by Whats App. And the number of animated emoji has also increased.


The new updated version 6.3.0 of telegram messenger is now available on both iOS and Android. Now hoping that you have clearly understood each feature. Now go download the updated version and enjoy it.


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