Product Marketing using Social Media Platforms

Product Marketing using Social Media Platforms

Today all the companies want to understand the market and position their brands among the customers. Companies want to reach out and sell their products to potential customers. Moreover, Social media platforms have become a blessing for companies to reach out to their potential buyer. It has created a vast network for companies where they can easily drive demand and create marketing campaigns to promote their products. Besides, you are a beginner or professional in the field of product marketing, we bring you the main tips and tricks on how to market your products on Google Ads, Instagram, and Facebook. But, first, let us define you, what is product marketing?


What is Product Marketing?

It is a process of promoting a product in the market and reaching out to potential customers to sell the products. It includes the launch and positioning of the product. Moreover, it creates brand awareness among people.

Product Marketing using Google Ads

Nowadays online shopping has become the preferred choice for many of the consumers. It’s easy to shop online with smartphones or tablets from anywhere and at any time. As soon as a buyer likes a product online they can click right away to purchase it. Today many of us do google search to find a product. Therefore, marketing with Google Ads is one of the best places to get started.

  • Use Google Shopping Ads – 

It can appear at three places on Google such as in Search results, Images, and the Shopping tab. Firstly, you need to set up your shopping campaign, so that you can create your Google Merchant Center and Google Adwords accounts. Secondly, you have to link them together. After that Google will create the ads and show them to the respective customers around the web.

  • Focus on targeting the location – 

While advertising your product you must be aware of targeting the right location. Go to Setting > Campaign > Locations . In the location, you can set marketing of your products by region, city, or nearby areas. So, it will help you advertise your product and find more potential buyers in nearby areas.

  • Use retargeting – 

This Google ad strategy should not be avoided by any merchant. It can help you display the ads to people who have visited your site, users who have left products on their cart, or the previous customers. Therefore, you can easily attract them to return to your site.


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Product Marketing using Instagram

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing and most popular social media platforms among the youth. It is filled with so many potential buyers as well as marketing opportunities for brands.

  • Enhance your Instagram Account – 

Put a compelling descriptive bio where you can use emojis, an enticing profile picture, and connected websites that drive people to your homepage.

  • Follow Industry Relevant Accounts – 

Find and follow people in your industry who are using Instagram. You can interact with them, leave likes, and comment on their post. Hence, these accounts might follow you back and help you with the potential buyers.

  • Find Popular Hashtags –

Look through the pictures posted by influencers or your fellow competitors. What hashtags they are using? Note down the potential hashtags and use them in your posts.

  • Share Posts on Instagram Regularly –

Keep posting relevant posts on your account to gain more followers and attract them to open your homepage.

  • Build Relationship with Influential Accounts –

It is the fastest way to grow your account as they already have a larger following. If you are creating great content they can promote you. You can get a shout out from them.

  • Post both images and video content –

It is an important content marketing mix. While posting a video of your brands you can catch the attention of the audience. The video should be fun and engaging that the audience will be willing to tag their friends on the post.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the #1 social media platform to connect and share posts online. It has grown into a huge market for businesses to promote and sell their products. For attracting a large number of customers you can use Facebook as it is a powerful marketing tool.

  • Make Facebook Business Page – 

The pages will let the businesses identify them, all you have to do is describe your products and services offerings, post links, images, and videos. It is a great place to develop your identity. However, you can also post a nice mix of funny, humor, educational posts so that your target audience can enjoy it.

  • Facebook Ads – 

Facebook also offers its advertising like Facebook Ads, which appear in the side columns of the site. The FB Ads include a headline, an image, and a link which will connect you to the Facebook page, or a website. Facebook Ads offer demographic targeting (age, location, interests, and education), the ability to set budgets, Ad testing, and Built-in ad performance measurement tools. Therefore, by using all these you can easily promote your brand as Facebook Ads do all the hard work for you. Here, you can learn How to create Facebook Ads.

  • Host Facebook Contests –

It is a great way to increase followers and create brand awareness for your products. Businesses have to use a third-party app for creating their Facebook contest and then connect users to the app from the Facebook page.


Google Ads, Instagram, and Facebook continue to grow as a significant player in the marketing world. Brands are beginning to take them on social media platforms. These tips can help you stand out in the industry and your business will start to see an increase in new customers. Get out there and create your account on all the three potential social media platforms mentioned above because the sooner you do, the sooner you will start to increase your sales.


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