What is Offshore Software Development?

What is Offshore Software Development?

Offshore, the term offshore development seems to be popping around everywhere! Especially after the COVID pandemic, the demand for offshore development services has increased to a great extent. And why not since it offers a plethora of benefits and advantages such as low costs, saving ample time, wide access to professionals and resources, experienced professionals, and what not! I am sure you must have observed that most US-based or Australian or UK-based companies have started considering offshore development services from countries like India, Vietnam, the Philippines, China, Ukraine, Brazil, Latin America, etc. Since these are some of the top outsourcing destinations worth considering in 2022 and a few years down the line. 

Now, what comes under the hood of offshore software development? Well, almost everything! Whether you want to make changes in your existing application through simple coding or create a new application altogether whether it’s for mobile or web design, development, and testing, require software support and maintenance, all you have to do is seek assistance from a reputable offshore software development company that comprises experts who are knowledgeable as well as highly experienced in using different development approaches and offshore software development models to deliver high-end solutions from their doorsteps. 

The above snippet is taken from the FAQ section of TatvaSoft – Offshore software development company page.

What is Offshore Software Development? 

The term offshore software development means when a company hires a dedicated team of software developers from an offshore software development company who are located in a different country and tend to work from there. Of course, these are professionals much like local employees, the only difference is that they are located in a different country. For example, I am sure you must have heard of tech giants such as Google and Microsoft establishing their offshore centers in India and the Silicon Valley of Asia. Why you may ask? As I mentioned earlier, offshore software development results in low operational costs, hiring from a massive talent pool, and reduces the time to market. 

Further below I would like to mention certain benefits offered by offshore software development

Benefits of Offshore Software Development 

1. Low Cost 

Of course, when you opt for offshore software development, you get the same services if you opt for onshore software development. However, the only difference here is you get services but at low operational prices. You see, different countries have different tax rates. For example, India has low tax rates whereas the US has high tax rates. Apart from the low cost, you don’t have to worry about investing in an entire IT infrastructure or waste time recruiting new employees. After all, you will end up choosing a reputable offshore development that will offer a full-fledged team for you.       

2. Wide pool of Talent

The next benefit in line is instant access to a wide pool of programmers and developers. You see when you look for developers within your region, I am sure you won’t find so many options once you decide to outsource. Simple, you get easy access to programmers all across the globe instantly. You can develop an app from one team and ask other teams to maintain it. Also, overseas you will have a better chance of hiring talented and knowledgeable software engineers with extensive experience at a low price. Now experience in the sense of working with international customers and living up to their standards. Isn’t this what we call the cherry on the cake? 

3. Reduce time-to-market

Another benefit of considering an offshore software development company is that your product can be launched before the estimated time. You see, working with an offshore team of software developers means working in different time zones. This surely means you get 24*7 services even while you are sleeping your work is happening and therefore you can gain a competitive advantage by launching your product as soon as possible. Your offshore partners will act as your external team who enable you to work on your core competencies, giving you ample time to innovate and showcase creativity whenever possible. 

Offshore Software Development Best Practices

1. Get to know everyone on the team

The first and foremost thing to do is introduce yourself to all the team members. Make them understand what you are and what your business is and what exactly you expect from them. Be open to new ideas and brainstorming, who knows they might have a better solution for you. The more you communicate, the more strong this partnership will be and that will be your key to success. 

2. Communicate well, conduct daily or weekly meetings  

As mentioned earlier, communication and collaboration are extremely important. After all, it’s your baby you should know how everything is going on. What is the progress and where they are heading to? If you don’t like it, you can ask to change it then and there. Try arranging frequent status meetings using Skype, and Google meet, so that issues can be delivered promptly. 

3. Be clear on your part

We humans always tend to get attracted to new things, innovations, and solutions. You might get inspiration from somewhere, maybe your competitors but that doesn’t mean you have to blindly follow them. Who knows their idea might work or might not, so be clear when it comes to the mission, vision, and objective of your software development project. Also, ensure that your offshore software development teams get that as well. 


The concept of offshore software development seems to have skyrocketed especially after the COVID pandemic and it won’t be slowing down forever. So what are you sitting tight for? Get going, and start looking for a reputable and reliable offshore software development company in India now. 

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