How to Design an SEO Friendly Homepage for you Website?

How to Design an SEO Friendly Homepage for you Website?

A person recently asked me that do they need to apply the same SEO principles to their homepage as they do for other key pages on their site. Is homepage SEO a thing of significance for your website?

SEO Friendly Homepage for your Website

Designing your website’s homepage is certainly not an easy task. There’s coming up with a logo that perfectly sums up your business, deciding on a color technique, and this doesn’t even get us started on what copy to use to transform viewers into customers and customers into promoters.

But you may have forgotten one of the most crucial steps: how are people going to find your page among the millions on the Internet? 

Although you have to keep in mind, you are making a site for humans, not for robots. So, make it look good and easy for the viewer.

You can’t only depend on social media or word of mouth, mainly as a newly established business, you should also suppose homepage SEO which you may be surprised to find is all about your website design and impression.

3 main objectives

  • Give Google and your website viewers a clear idea of your company and product
  • Design an efficient site structure to make it easy for visitors to navigate
  • Answer the questions that your visitors might have about your service or product

Explain your Company Visually

It’s very important to explain what product or service you offer on the first page of your website clearly and concisely.

You can use different graphics and themes to portray your product on your website homepage. People get more attracted to visual more than the wrote and it makes it easy to take decisions faster after seeing the picture of the product. Make it interesting to the viewer, that they do not ignore anything of your homepage. Remove the unwanted and non-interesting stuff to your customer on your homepage. By visualizing the website content, the customer also gets attracted and show interest in your business. 

Use Unique keywords

You didn’t think, the SEO is possible without keywords. But here’s the thing, it’s not sufficient to try just to rank for your brand name solitary. Of course, you might not rank on the first page of organic results for your additional keywords but not trying is going to get you nowhere.

Now, it’s important to make sure your keywords are woven into your website design naturally and truly build upon your business brand. Google has caught onto keyword crowding and will penalize your website if you do it. So how do you find keywords besides your marked keyword? You can use many different tools out there such as the Google Keyword Planner or Moz where you can input the main idea of your website and choose other options from the list it pulls. Therefore, you’ll want to choose some long-tail keywords as well that describe your product.

Header and SubHeader

This is a very important part of your website design because it helps the reader to hook on the most important aspects of the website and helps to the attractive wall of text. Ideally, you’ll want to include your keywords into the headers if they naturally fit and use only one H1 or Title tag on each page, followed by H2, H3, and H4s as needed and don’t forget the meta tags. Therefore, use very simple words and language, difficult words can distract the viewer’s interest.

Check your Homepage Loading Speed

Even with a perfectly designed and highly informative homepage, if it takes too long to load, visitors won’t want to wait around, and will simply take their custom elsewhere.

 The things that you can do to increase homepage loading speed :

  • Optimize the images my using editing software or you can also use image optimizer to reduce the size of the image.
  • Upgrade to the faster server host.
  • Check out the tools that are available for advice on how to improve the loading speed of the homepage.
Make your Website Mobile-friendly

Your viewers are using different devices to search, which means different sizes of screen. How you can make your website or homepage look good on every screen. Currently, most people used to search it on mobile devices more than desktops. So, it must for your site to be more mobile-friendly.

Some steps to make your website mobile-friendly:

  • Make Your Website Responsive.
  • Bring Information People Look for Easier to Find.
  • Make Website Speed a Priority.
  • Maintain Your Web Design as Simple as you can.
  • Make Your Button Sizes Large Enough to Work on Mobile and easily seen by the viewer.
  • Use Large Font Size.
Calls to action

This is most necessarily a step that should not be left out of your website design. The CTA should be very easy to locate to the viewers. This is a step you want your visitor to take to turn them into a customer. You can test this with different color schemes, positioning, and text but make sure it’s concise, clear, and direct. 

CTA may include ‘buy now’, ‘shop’, ‘map to store’, ‘call now’, ‘resister’, ‘sign up’, ‘book now’, etc.


In conclusion, the homepage SEO on your website plays a very important role in increasing the growth of your business and building the first impression after clicking to your website by the visitor. Identify unique Keywords that should be used on your website to get extra traffic. Don’t hesitate to use specific tools that are available to make your website and homepage the best possible. Visualize your website content that looks interesting to the viewer. After implementing this all, your website can also be ranked well on the search result page. Try to use simple words and tags. Make your website work and look good on every device. You can use SEO tools available on the internet. The action you want to your customer make is been easily discovered. It’s all needed to boosts the user experience.

After doing this all, you are most probably ready to get more traffic to the website and turn your visitor to paying customers.

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