Deutsche Bank is in Germany that deals with financial services, and its a multinational Investment Bank. It has headquarters in Germany, and it also has dual New Yock Stock Exchange and Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Recently, Google cloud and Deutsche Bank agreement come in news and become so popular. So, let’s know about this completely.

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About Google Cloud


Many people know the basics of Google Cloud. People know that it’s a storage, and it supports our files and data. They don’t understand the link between the companies and Google Cloud when someone says cloud that doesn’t mean a literal Cloud or on the internet.

Generally, having a high quality of hardware and maintaining the device is very expensive, so that companies will have a partnership with Google. 

Google has offered Google Cloud for many companies. Google Cloud is a leading tool that has enhanced support with everything from security, data transfer, data backup, and achievement. Moreover, its a storage and the substitute for the files. 


Google Cloud & Deutsche Bank Agreement

You may not know about the agreement that has taken place between the Google Cloud and Deutsche Bank. They both agree on a Multi-year strategic partnership to develop financial services using artificial intelligence, data science, and machine learning for the new generation. 


How is it helpful to Deutsche Bank?

Deutsche Bank needs trustworthy hardware storage. Now it requires a lot of storage room for recording and saving their information, which may include cash flow forecasting and digital security of client’s accounts. First of all, buying Zeta bytes of storage and making sure that there is enough space in the building for keeping all that is too much to do. Ensuring that the dust is swept every day, and when you have that much hardware, you also need additional cooling systems like several air conditioners in the room. All this can cost a lot for the company. So google can do this for the bank. 

Deutsche Bank uses the partnership to upgrade its legacy to a high range of services. This partnership can be important for strategic transformation. As Deutsche Bank entered a multi-year, it can use the strategy and agree to collaborate with Google Cloud.

Deutsche Bank Germany

The Google Cloud has a big plant just full of hardware relating to storing. Google has a large plant with only a hard disk for storage. The workers can take care of the cleaning. And that plant is full of AC.

Deutsche Bank provides all those services that a traditional bank wouldn’t offer, so it’s better to make this partnership with Google Cloud. In this bank, employees work in a team, and they deal in lakhs of crores per day, so they require so much storage.

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Benefits for collaboration with Google Cloud :

  • It can provide a high quality of the hardware.
  • Make sure that the files are safe and easy to access.
  • It requires so much storage. 
  • It can be trustworthy and doesn’t leak the information.
  • The files that are stored will not be damaged.

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The Google Cloud and Deutsche Bank agreement is on multi-year strategic planning. And this bank has been running for more than 150 years, it has a strong record of financial services, and it is innovative. Now when it is co-operating with Google Cloud, it will have more opportunities. It can develop the business and shape the future of the Industry for the Bank and the Clients. It can have more growth further. 

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