Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning: Key Points to Differentiate

Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning: Key Points to Differentiate

Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning

These are the two technological computer science buzzwords right now. People often get confused and consider the two terms as one. However, that’s not right. Artificial intelligence vs Machine learning is way more different from each other. AI technology deals with algorithms whereas ML is all about logical thinking. Machine learning and Deep learning are part of the AI. Moreover, this article will resolve all your doubts and give you some basic points to differentiate between these two technological terms. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

As we know, the term Artificial Intelligence includes two terms “Artificial” and “Intelligence”. Artificial means human-made or a non-living thing and Intelligence means the ability to think or understand. So, the AI can be defined as “ The broader concept of computer science which deals with creating smart/intelligent machines that are programmed to think like humans and capable to carry out the tasks.”

Firstly, we implement AI technology in the computer system. Further, It works on algorithms that can work with their intelligence. Moreover, it can be installed in a system for machines to have the logical ability to carry out tasks. Today we can see the use of AI in every sector from banking to healthcare. For example – Siri, Alexa, Humanoid robots like Sophia, online games, PPC advertising, etc.

AI generally has two types: Type-I and Type-II. Further, these types consist of different subset which is as follows – 

Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML)

Machine learning is a part of Artificial intelligence. It is an application that can be defined as “A learning in which machines can learn on their own from the past data without being explicitly programmed.” It mainly focuses on the development of intelligent computer programs that can access the data and use them for their learning. Moreover, it enables the analysis of immense data. ML works on algorithms and it can read the text. So, by using algorithms of machine learning we can considered text as a series of keywords. 

Today we can see the use of machine learning in our daily lives such as virtual personal assistant, social media service, predictions while communicating, etc. Furthermore, Machine learning is of three types: 

Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning

Supervised Learning

It is the process where you use the algorithms to learn a mapping function from the input to output. Supervised learning requires variable input (X) and an output (Y). It deals with classification and regression. The classification consists of fraud detection, E-mail spam detection, image classification, etc whereas Regression includes risk assessment and score prediction.

Y = f(X)

Unsupervised Learning

In unsupervised learning, you only have input data (X) and no equivalent output variable. It deals with Dimensionality reduction and ClusteriBesidestion, Dimensionality reduction consists of text mining, face recognition, and big data visualization whereas Clustering includes city planning and target marketing.

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Reinforcement Learning

It is a subset of machine learning which takes suitable action to maximize reward in a specific situation. The use of reinforcement learning can be in the gaming, finance sector, robot navigation, etc.

The key difference between AI and ML

Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning

In brief and on a broad level the best answer for Artificial intelligence vs Machine learning is that: 

“AI is an immense concept of creating smart/intelligent machines. It can perform tasks requiring minimum human access and carry out the task faster as well as in an efficient way.”

“ML is a part of AI. It is an application that allows humans to provide access so that machines can learn from the past datasets.”


To conclude, I would say that the combination of machine learning with artificial intelligence can process the information more effectively. These two trending technological terms are widely enhancing industries’ intelligence machine systems. For instance, many advertisement platforms like Bing, Google Ads are using AI and ML for delivering them SMART results.

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