Quick Tips: How to create a stunning Tall Grass Vector Effect

Quick Tips: How to create a stunning Tall Grass Vector Effect

Do you usually require the need for a tallgrass vector effect ? Have you all got tired of continuously trying to create a tall grass vector? Or didn’t know how to create a stunning tall grass vector effect? We are here to help you out with Quick-tips to make a glorious tall grass vector effect. To have quick tips firstly understand what are the tools generally used to have vector effects. So that we can have an appreciable quality of tall grass vector effect.

Tools for making Vector effects

There are various tools available to create vector effects, simple to use. A comparison between the tools is only based on quality, quality of work, and quality of effects tools have. There are other categories too in vector effect tools that can be categorized i.e. some are open-source to use some are not, system requirements for tools, etc. but these do not bother much. 

Two modes are used to make visual effects i.e. 2-D and 3-D software. 2-D software to have any effect in 2-D i.e. templates, poster. 3-D software to have effects in 3-D models. For 2-D Adobe Illustrator is used by a large number of people due to its quality for the visual effect, and Blender for 3-D software. Below are some of the tools that help to create vector effects, based on the quality of effect can be seen in them.

Tall Grass Vector

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe illustrator is a paid software used to make vector illustrations, design, and drawing in the form of posters, templates, and also to make logos. It works on Mac and Windows. The pros of Illustrator is it allows panel editing, the interface is much more comfortable, and the cons are mostly one, and requires patience to run as it requires a good value of RAM to run.

Quick tips to create Tall Grass Vector effect in Adobe Illustrator

Step 1 

Open the new file in illustrator, having a customize setting of RGB colors with a width of 500px and height of 200px

Step 2

In the menu section go to windows> palette> symbols menu> nature

Step 3

Download the grass file in the pdf or illustrator format from the google search engine or can be taken from an earlier project. Then go to file>place> and select the folder where the grass file is downloaded and resize it accordingly.

Step 4

Go to windows in the menu section of illustrator then window>label. Then in the menu section of a level go to embed Image. You will get your image in illustrator as it is a simple tip to bring the image in a different project on which we have already worked.

Step 5

Select the selection tool (shortcut ‘v’). Bring selection tool on any grass, with right-click of cursor result in a pop-up click on ungroup.

Step 6

With the selection tool, select grass design. Then window>symbols, in symbols in right bottom select on ‘new symbol button’ and name it accordingly.

Step 7

In the tool section in layers select the new layer and hide the former one. 

Step 8

Pick sprayer tool, with it pick grass file saved in symbol and spray it accordingly.

Step 9

To edit lawn, can use break link in symbols, or to reduce the grass, use the wrap tool (shift R).

If you want to have some light greenish or to have an effect of light color grass can use a symbol stainer tool.

Your Grass effect is ready.

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Blender 2.8

Blender is a 3-D open-source and free software to use, so preferred by a large no of people. As available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Use to make visual effects, animation, art, 3D models, etc. However, is somewhat complicated to use compared to other vector graphic tools.

Five Quick tips to create a Tall Grass Vector effect in Blender 2.8

Step 1

Open Blender, you will get a default cube, delete it. Add a plain, and scale a bit.

Step 2

Go to particle setting in the right corner of the blender dashboard, click on the plus(+) sign. 

+ > hair > hair length, change the hair length to about 0.3m, or accordingly the size you want for grass. Increase or decrease the number of hairs according to the density requirement of grass.

Step 3

In hair > advance option >  physics > forces > Brownian. Change the Brownian, accordingly to have the randomness of grass.

Step 4

Now add color from the color tool accordingly.

Step 5

Render it.

Lastly, your tall grass effect is ready. Now you can save it and use it to add in another project.


To perform each task in software there are various methods. It depends on us with which tools we are familiar with. The particular task can be performed through any of the available processes, but the only requirement is of how easily and the early task can be completed.  

Other than Adobe Illustrator and Blender, there are other tools too to add vector effects but they lack in one or two things when compared. They are either too costly, with the demand for precise system requirements or with low quality of visual effects.  

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