No click search and its effect on the SEO Strategy

No click search and its effect on the SEO Strategy

Do you know how one website gets ranked up on the Google page? Ever wonder why when we search anything in google we get the answer at the top of the landing page itself?  There is so much to learn about how google works and its strategies. We also call these strategies SEO strategy. As they say, the foremost step to start a business in a digital mode is to create a website. It has its own benefits and not only business every other blog or alike needs a website.

No click search and its effect on the SEO

Now what Google does is when people search any query Google lands them numerous websites as well as snippets. However, people tend to click only those websites which appear in the first or second place and if they get there to answer in the snippet, they do not even bother to click on the website. This is Google business. For that one website has to face a lot of competition. Google looks for content, relevancy, and strength, it does SEO optimization and a lot more. So today we will discuss the newly launched google tool known as no click search.

What is no click?

A type of search engine result page (SERP)that appears at the top of the google page when any query is searched without actually clicking it and that is why it is also known as zero-click. In other words, if you observe whenever you type anything in google you do not really have to click on a result, google on its top or SERP itself reveals the results, forget about the second page you do not even have to scroll down the first page to find your responses even if it is a price of a derivative or fare of a flight. Snippets answer the question by purifying their algorithm.

      According to a study, 49% of google search is no click search. The assumption was that growth of no-click SEO. However, it is not the thing, it is an evolution of the consumer search occurrence, and it’s an important alternative for marketers to come upon users’ search objectives and provide the right answers about their brand. This experiment was introduced by Google on March 13, 2020, in order to eliminate those search results which are not relevant to users.

Types of no-click search:-

  • Paragraph:- Most common type of featured snippet which shows the results in a paragraph in a box, sometimes with images or sometimes not.
  • List:-  Here the answer is exhibited in a list form.
  • Table:- Sometimes when asked any data, results are shown in a table form.
  • Video:- It appears in the video form as when we ask for any recipes or any tutorials.


How does SERP affect SEO Strategy?

SERP badly affects SEO strategy. The happening of zero-click searches is growing. Therefore this SERP not only affects SEO pros but also brands and content creators. Content in such industries is receiving fewer notions, lower CTRs, and limited organic traffic.

Let us know how you can optimize your SEO STRATEGY on google:

  • Provide as much information about your website or brand as possible as it will help the google algorithm to find more about your page and hence show it at the top.
  • A technique is by linking the third party listing to landing pages which increases the chances up to 28% for search appearance.
  • The objective is to create a concise answer to the query. Try updating your website and use similar words that you used to any snippets which gave you results. Hence, you can also make a point of evaluating the top content for target keywords to get a judgment of what Google gapes for.
  • You can also optimize for voice as the voice search directs to the snippet.
  • In SEO strategy, keyword research is very important in terms of no click search or zero-click search. Try to use short, engaging yet relevant keywords for your content. Do proper research in it. You will be aware of the bristles of data that the main keyword tools use to help you differentiate which terms are most worth optimizing for, like search volume, and where your pages currently rank for those terms if you are working on SEO. However, there is another metric to reanalyze your strategy. That is CPS or clicks-per-search.
  • Think about featured snippets as it is a vital part although they appear for 12.3% of search results. According to AHREFS, 11% snippets show the answer in the list form and 7% in the table form.
  • Fill all the information in Google my business as it will help you not only in SERP but also in the Google map. People will be able to locate your shop via google map easily.
Two most important factors
  • Two things which play an important role in SERP is that alt text and using relevant images. But for that, the image file name is also important. Sometimes what happens is the content and images are not featured from the same website so if the content featured on the snippet is from a different site there is a chance another website gets an image feature. For that do proper optimization of your image too.

Advantages of No -click:

  • Time:- It saves the time of the user as the user is directed to a snippet where he gets the proper answer.
  • Cost:- It is cost-effective. One does not have to pay for no click search.
  • Visibility:- It gives your website greater SERP visibility.
  • Awareness:- No-click can enhance brand awareness.

Is no-click search a threat for SEO and SEM?

Yes, it seems to be a growing concern for SEO as well as SEM members. This is a new feature of SERP which does not lead to any website.

However, Automotive, finance, and hotels are the industries where no-click dominate. Well, here instead of blaming google we need to know the truth that google checks the features using an algorithm. The number tells them right, google search console shows a suspicion and clicks for 1000 kws, google attribute up to 60% of Organic traffic. 


To sum up, in order to appear in the snippet make sure you do the SEO STRATEGY properly. Follow the tips given above. 

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