Best SEO Tips 2020 for Local Business/ Tourist Businesses

Best SEO Tips 2020 for Local Business/ Tourist Businesses

Christmas is just days ahead, and the market is ready to make the most festive spirit. Many businesses have already started their online and offline marketing campaign to attract customers. However, it is never too late for you to start with the right strategy and resources, and for this one needs to know SEO Tips 2020.

SEO Tips 2020 for Local Businesses

If your business is online, you already know the importance of SEO. It becomes essential at the time when the majority of the people may shop from the safety and comfort of home. Here are the top local SEO marketing tips for small businesses to use this holiday season.

Take Help from Customers 

You can ask the customers about their problems and preferences to facilitate the whole process for them. Think of the questions and ask them through social media platforms or your website. There are many software and tools online that provide survey results for a small fee.

SEO tips For Local Businesses

You can ask the customers what products are challenging to find or what products they want this season. Make a list of these questions and send them through emails. Do not make the survey lengthy as people may find it too dull and boring.

  • Make Customers Like Your Brands

You need to earn customer affection and loyalty. This helps your business throughout the year with increased customer retention. Sometimes, we even unknowingly boycott the brands we don’t like. 

You can post content about the positive changes for the local community. People love local brands that stand for their local issues, such as supporting farmers, LGBTQ+ flags, or promoting diversity. Make changes to your website to show your commitment to the community.

The right strategy using SEO tips 2020 helps you to work for both brand discovery and customer retention. Try not to get too political or hurt the sentiments of one section to support another. 

  • Improve Communication Channels

Communication channels are essential to answer queries and doubts from the customers. You need to put the best efforts into opening plenty of these channels to ensure the business is accessible. Start with the website, emails, and social media platforms. 

Best SEO tips 2020 for local businesses

Make sure there are enough people on the phone or texts to reduce the response time. You can use the local listing to make products visible to the target audience. Enter all the relevant details about the communication channels.

The goal is to make the best efforts of communication to let the customers know what you are offering to them. Use the local news, TV media, and radio to publicize the USP. 

  • Use Local Product Listings and E-Commerce

Local listings have enormous potential to increase brand discovery to the targeted audience. Google has already started the local product listing for free. The nearby feature in Google shopping is the perfect help to increase the visibility of your products.

There are numerous other websites available that offer a free listing. Try to add all the details that include product description, communication details, and location of your store.

Another platform you need to exploit is E-commerce marketing. The primary issue with online shopping is the delivery and payment options. Ask the customers about their preferences to make the most sales from your online store.

  • Introduce QR Codes in Window Shopping

The use of QR codes in window shopping has provided great results for the local stores. Sometimes, the customer doesn’t feel like walking inside the store and go through the whole process. QR codes allow them to complete the transaction at their will.

Watching the well-crafted windows during the Christmas season is still relevant in most of the world. Use your creativity if your store receives a fair amount of foot traffic. Since the customers are purchasing in their free time, prepare yourself for some late-night sales. 

QR codes are a major part of SEO tips 2020 for store items that allow the users to share the products more conveniently. This side-benefit will contribute to the increased site traffic during the holidays. Take a short-term, 12 months loan for bad credit ratings to get financial help for the QR code implementation.

  • Help Customers with DIY 

The current pandemic has already limited many customers to online shopping. Generally, the customers use to interact with the store attendant to know how the product works, which seems unlikely in the case of online shopping.

If possible, try to provide the customers with DIY tutorials and blog posts. Use the social media platform to offer them tips related to the product or services. This way, you will increase customer engagement while giving them more reasons to make a purchase. 

The tutorials and guides can fill the hand on interaction to a great extent. The videos can also include cooking tutorials for product promotions. The DIY and other kits may get some serious increase in sales with this strategy.

  • Response to the Reviews

Reviews are one of the most important channels to receive feedback and interact with the customers. Appoint at least one employee to take care of the reviews by answering queries or solving issues. There are many online tools available to ease the process of review management.

Your response time will affect customer retention. It will also impact potential buyers by creating a positive image. You may also find the missing queries in the survey you conducted for customer satisfaction.

  • Give Reasons to Shop from Local Store

As mentioned above, you can use the sentiments to target the local customers. Find other reasons to make buyers chose local over Amazon or eBay. A huge portion of the population prefers the local stores because they want to support the community.

Target the customers with the tagline of convenience and comfort. People chose these online marketplaces because of the comfort. They find everything on their list in one place. Eliminating the need to visit different sites or stores to find individual items.

A brainstorming session with the question, “What measures are required to prevent customers from shopping at these online marketplaces?”, might help you. Promote the reason on your website and offline outlets. 


In the end, these SEO tips 2020 will help you increase your brand visibility. You must work quickly because the competitors might have already implemented their strategy. However, the SEO campaign is not fruitful if not supported by other digital marketing tactics.

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