Emerging Importance Of Visual Search In Digital Marketing

Emerging Importance Of Visual Search In Digital Marketing

Visual search technology refers to adding images, graphics, and videos about the product that we are selling online. It is an important part of the success of digital marketing. The users prefer to like the textual images more rather than liking the content. Users get attracted to the images as human brains process images faster than the written content. Therefore, Visual images have a permanent effect on the viewers. 

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Visual Search definition in Digital Marketing


Visual images help the consumers to overview the product and decide whether they want to buy it or not. It helps the consumer to make a better picture of what they exactly want to buy. The visual display has a huge impact on the e-commerce business.

Benefits Of Visual Search:

  1. Increased Sales- It helps in increasing the sales of a company. The buyer gets a clear idea of what the product looks like.
  2. More Customers- It helps in attracting more consumers. As the images give a clear cut idea of the product than the textual information.
  3. Satisfied Customers- The customers are more satisfies as they can easily see the images of the product that they want to buy. 

How Does Visual Search technology Work?

Whenever you see an image, for example, you see an image of a bag, so the visual search AI would allow you to see more bags of different designs. We shop online. We hardly start with a text. Therefore, We always search for images to buy the products. Whenever you click a picture on google or Pinterest lens it shows you a visual.

Companies Which Have Their Visual Search Engines:

1-Google Visual Search

2-Pinterest Visual Search

3-Amazon Visual Search

4-Microsoft Visual Search is also creating its search engine.

Some Search Statistics based on Visuals

  1. 21% of the advertisers think that visual search is an integral part of the business.

2. 90% of the information transmitted to the human brain is visual images.

3. The human brain process images in just  13 milliseconds.

4. 55% of the consumers say that visual search is important in developing their taste. 

5. 35% of the marketers are optimizing visual search in the year 2020.

6. Around 600 million people do a visual search on Pinterest every month. 

7. 70% of the bing searches involve well-known sites.

8. It is on more than 1.5 million devices.

9. Also, visual images are preferred over text by at least 50% of customers especially in the case of household things.

visual search google

Google Lens: 

Google lens is one of the visual search engines. It is the most popular and most used too. Google lens is developed by Google. It shows us the menus of the restaurant, landmarks of some area, the college that we want to take admission in, etc If you are walking in a market and you pass by a boutique and you like a shirt you can just take a picture of it and upload it on the Google lens. So, You will get the same design and even prettier and cheaper shirts.

Pinterest Lens:

people use this app whenever they want to make something. Pinterest developed a lens that helps in purchasing the things that people see on the website. They get a link of what they searched for and they can buy the related products from the website

eBay Image Search:

It was developed in July 2018 and it has more than 130 million images. So, the images are used while purchasing the product.

Bing visual search- It is a home decor search engine. People can buy whatever home products they wish to buy.

How To Optimize Your Visual Search:

  1. Name the images- Firstly, companies should spend a bit of time naming the images. They should not leave the image name as untitled.
  2. Use of Alt tags- You should always add the alt tags to the image that you upload. Whether it is a piece of furniture or television the color, design model should be written. This is what people look for.
  3. Describe it- Finally, add captions wherever it is possible for describing the image. Make sure that you don’t use a lot of technical languages.

How brands can increase their visibility:Image search technology

  1. Adding images into your web inventory- Currently, very few numbers of retailers have added images to their inventory. Retailers should add images of the products to the consumers.
  2. Advertise on Pinterest- Retailers should add their images on Pinterest for more consumers and meet future needs.
  3. Adding images to your sitemap- Your images should have a brief description of the product. It should be free from any technical language. It should be easy for consumers to process them.

Difference between visual search and image search:

In image search, you write a text to find an image. On the other hand in visual search, you search an image with the  help of the image itself

Therefore, Visual image search helps to save a lot of time for the buyers. It also helps them in buying the products. Statistics say that it is going to be very important in the year 2020. Companies should offer images of the products with adequate name, caption, and all the necessary things. Therefore, it will not be wrong if we say images attract more customers than text.

Also, read about Graphics Programming and its importance.

In conclusion, smartphones are helping us to find images of the product online. As per the statistics, by the end of 2020, the visual search would become an important tool to attract consumers towards the business. Whenever we buy something 85% of the users look for visual information rather than textual information. It increases the buyers of the products. It is increasing day by day. And also it is becoming important day by day for customer satisfaction. The more they can see the images online, the more they get satisfied and eager to buy the products 

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