Voice Search In Google- ‘Hey Google’

Voice Search In Google- ‘Hey Google’

Voice search is quite trending nowadays. Many companies use it as marketing equipment. In addition, many companies came up with voice search features. Some even developed a device too. But we will try to gather knowledge about voice search in google and what are its scope.

Voice Search in Google

Voice search by google was released on 20 May 2012 by Google of course. Google allows its user to search in speaking via phone or computer. You can use this technology anywhere you are as you just have to dab the microphone and speak your questions. Back then, the language recognized by Google voice search was limited to American English. But now 60 different languages are being processed by it. In addition, one can select up to 5 different languages for voice search for google.

History of Google Voice Search

Google Voice Search (also known as Search by Voice) was first introduced in 2010. Google Voice Search in its early stage needed users to call a phone number and after which a recorded message would utter “Say Your Search Keywords.” The user then had to say whichever keywords they wished to search for. Then via notification appeared in an open webpage with results for their query, or a link where clicking on would take to a search engine results page. Google later began incorporating its voice search feature to many popular Google products, including Google Maps, its virtual assistant Google Now.

 How can you turn on Google’s voice search?

  • Open the Google app, Google Search.
  • At the bottom right, tap More and then Settings and then Voice.
  • Now, under “Hey Google,” hit Voice Match.
  • Finally, turn on Hey Google.

Vogue of Google’s voice search 

 Voice search has become more mobile than ever. In addition, Google’s voice search on mobile devices is now available in over 100 languages. Well the reasons for the popularity of  Google’s voice search is:

  • Usually, a person can type approx 40 words per minute whereas can speak around 150 words per minute. This is a primary reason for the popularity of Google search in Android of course.
  • Its continuous integration with arising products and technologies. 
  • It is fast and reliable. One does not have to type or search for more queries.

Future of Voice Search with Google

Google knows very well that users now have changed their pattern, habits have transformed. However, Google made it simpler for advertisers and webmasters to recognize both offline conversions and converted sessions. The benefit here is that Google is planning to add voice query data to the Google Search Console. Well, soon Google may soon develop wearable tech as it announced that Google will obtain Fossil’s smartwatch tech for $40M. In addition, Google might step more into the automobile industry. Google Android Auto is already in the market. Furthermore, supposing how voice search plays a big role in controlling in-car systems, Google in the future will surely rise up with tech for cars.

 Impact of Voice Search  on SEO

  • Realistic language: It is well modified to follow casual language, so users can give instructions as if they were talking to a human.
  • Keyword length: Spoken language usually is not as brief as the written word. Voice searches normally are 29 words in length, which if counted are more than spoken.
  •  Semantic search: Semantic searches endeavor to find the user’s meaning within the context of the terms used. This knowledge is assisted by user search history, global search history, the location of the user, and keyword spelling variations. 


  • Local search: According to research, 58% of consumers find local businesses using voice search, and 46 percent use voice technology to find information on local businesses daily. People now 3x more does a local search.
  • Ecommerce: Ecommerce here is extremely affected by voice. Sixty-two percent of voice speaker owners purchases through their virtual assistant and 40 percent of millennials use voice assistants before making online purchases.


Final words

Google has to widen itself to make it up for the sake of technology. It is nowhere less whether its AI, whether it’s programming whether its technology, and many more. This is a cool feature that aided as well as raising Google in many ways. To know more Google read our previous articles.

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