What Are The Trending Games 2020?

What Are The Trending Games 2020?

We know that almost every sector or field suffered in 2020 because of this pandemic. But then Gaming is the field which became popular in this year. Of course, there is no denying that 2020 is the golden year for gaming. Gaming became a companion for many especially for youngsters out there. Nowadays even kids started gaming. Do you know there are even people who tried gaming for the first time during this Corona-Virus Pandemic? Well, gaming is such amazing, and an interesting thing now. No doubt Pubg was the best game which is a short period of achieved rage. But with the banned of Pubg it somehow disappointed gamers there. People are trying to figure out what can be its alternative and some people just want to know what are the trending games right now? However, today after research I am going to mention some trending games for 2020.

Trending games 2020


  • Call Of Duty: Warzone: First released in Oct 2019. It is now considered as the most popular game 2020. The reason might be the fact that it is free to play. Initially, it focused on World War 2 set. Later on, many developers developed it. The last release was in 2019. It has a unique feature like it hosts 150 players. One can play solo, duo, trios, and even Quads.
  • Minecraft: Though it was released in 2011, it became famous now. This is a video game by Microsoft. It now has over 125 million players though the game is not free. It has gained a valuable impression among its players. In this game, players get to scour a 3D world and they can take out raw materials to build structures. Additionally one can interact with other players too.
  • Animal Crossing- New Horizon: Now this is an amazing game where players can build whatever they like as a villager. Even here one can interact with other players. One amazing fact about this game is that it gained popularity in the Covid-19 pandemic as it can host virtual weddings, protests, and many more. 
  • Grand Theft Auto 5: It is considered an immortal game. Released in 2013, gamers still have a craze for this game. The online version of Grand Theft Auto Online made money through an in-game transaction facility.
  • League Of Legends:  It was launched in 2009 and is still famous. The best part is this game is free and fun to play. Riot Games built this tremendous eSports title, which is League Of Legends now.
  • The Last Of Us Part 2: This game is created in 2020 out of hype. Developed by Naughty Dogs, it is a PS4 limited. The game is developed by Naughty Dogs, the creative minds that also worked on the Uncharted series. 
  • Ghost of Tsushima: The theme of the game is based on Japan’s Mongol Invasion. Sony’s ownership made PC and Xbox gamers wish for the PS4 players. The reason is it shows extraordinary action gameplay and one may cry while exploring the open world of Tsushima.
  • Final Fantasy II Remake: It was first released in 1987. Final Fantasy made the hugest money at that time. However, Final Fantasy VII is a famous one. Its new version came this year and as expected gained popularity.
  • Streets Of Rage 4: Streets Of Rage 4 made a lot of players cry because of Nostalgia. It was first released in 1991 and became popular. The fourth edition has been released this year. Fans’ expectations were met after seeing the changes in the new edition. 
  • Doom Eternal: Doom Eternal’s last edition was released in 1993 and the latest edition was released in  March 2020. In this game, gamers can play against an army of hell that has taken over the world. However, here 60% of humans had already died.

Final Words

These were some of the trending games 2020. Try them one especially in this pandemic time when everyone needs to just refresh themselves. These games are for all ages starting from youngsters to middle age.


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