Online Display Advertising: Benefits and Tips to increase Brand Awareness

Online Display Advertising: Benefits and Tips to increase Brand Awareness


Online Display Advertising is what we can see on internet websites, apps, etc through images, videos, and text. In other words, it is a method of attracting people from different social media platforms to take a specific action. In online display advertising, people are attracted with the help of graphic images, texts, videos. It is also known as a banner ad. It is an online paid advertising. They aren’t found in search results. These not just increase brand awareness but also engage the customers in marketing.

Display advertising online is best in the case of increasing brand awareness, retargeting, lost customers, etc. The success with display ads lies with targeting the right user, at the right time and the right website. The first banner or display ad appeared on the internet in 1994. Besides, when a user clicks a display ad they directly reach the company’s website or a landing page.

Benefits of Online Display Advertising


You can shape and form online digital advertising campaigns in many styles and formats. Therefore, it can help you in achieving the goal more efficiently.


With the help of google display network, you can access many sites with the help of your google ads account.


You can place the right adds on the right websites for attracting people with the help of a Google display network(GDN).

For Example – Display advertising on Google: Google display network is a digital advertising platform formed by google in which advertisers can display their advertisements, service offerings, product listing, etc to attract consumers.

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Disadvantages of Display Advertising 

  • Click through rate: Display advertising has a lower click-through rate.
  • Lower conversions: When the CTR is low the conversions will be low too
  • Ad avoidance: Paid users can neglect the advertisement. Moreover, they don’t need to pay a lot of attention to your posts
  • Conversions: When a consumer performs a specified action after clicking on an advertisement like purchasing the commodity. If the click-through rate is low the conversions will be low too.

Tips for Effective Online Display Advertisement 

  • Firstly, try to use more pictures and graphics.
  • Try to add different content display designs.
  • Lastly, make use of simple and easy language.

Types of Online Display Advertising 

  1. Retargeting: This online display advertising method consists of two variants that are Stanard Retargeting and Dynamic Retargeting.
  2. Brand awareness
  3. Acquisition 

How to measure the success of a Display Advertisement

  • Impressions: Impressions help determine how people saw your ad, this provides a perspective on click-through rate and audience size
  • Click through rate: Higher the click-through rates, the higher the success, and vice versa.
  • Conversions: Conversions tell you how many people converted their clicking into purchasing the commodity, the higher the conversions higher the success, and vice versa.
  • Viewers: It is similar to impressions but instead of counting the number of times an ad can be seen. It counts the different number of people who have seen an ad.

Some of the best display advertising campaigns are Gallon, Ladbrokes, Bwin, and Color Line.

Google display network and Facebook audience network are the two networks that provide your ad at the right time to the right people and at the right website. Remarketing audiences include:

  • General website visitors.
  • Visitors who have submitted a form.
  • The users who have signed up for an account.
  • The users who have completed a transaction and purchased a product.
  • Lastly, the one who has seen specific product pages.

Display ad vs Native ads

  • Display ads include ads that users see online whereas, Native ads include all the times of ads related to the product
  • We can see Native ads on the social media feeds while the display ads call out for attention 
  • The native ad is expensive as well as cost higher per link. However, display ads are cheap.
  • Display ads are more effective on the desktop while native ads are more effective on mobile phones.

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To conclude the article, it can be seen that with display ads it is visible that they are promoting their product or we can say doing product marketing. In contrast to native ads are hard to define whether they are ads or not.  Moreover, they often can be seen as a promotion of online display ads. So, a low click-through rate of just 0.05% while the native ads have a click-through rate of 8 times higher than the display ads. Lastly, it is more beneficial to use online display advertising on the desktop.

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