WhatsApp update for Android: New Icons, Advance Search and many more

WhatsApp update for Android: New Icons, Advance Search and many more

WhatsApp Update for Android: Being one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. WhatsApp never stops to surprise us. After Facebook has acquired WhatsApp, it is constantly working on making it better. It keeps on launching new features. To find out what’s new keep updating WhatsApp from the play store or app store. This time the update is not about optimizing an old feature or bug fixes. However, it’s getting a big update that will be lots of fun. Besides, It will make it easier to express yourself with stickers.

What’s coming with the new features?

The new features are going to change the whole WhatsApp experience for you. Let’s take a look at the forthcoming features on WhatsApp.

Animated Stickers

These animated stickers are like short GIFs. WhatsApp has already brought this feature on iOS. But now its time for Android users to liven up their chats. This would be more fun for the users and it will also encourage them to download additional packs. Moreover, they can filter them according to their mood.


Since the global pandemic hit us video conferencing has played a vital role in our work and education system. Therefore, we are well aware of the rooms on Google meet, Jio meets, or Zoom. But as we have said WhatsApp never stops to surprise us. Hence, WhatsApp update for Android is coming with a new room feature where you will be able to do video conferencing with upto 50 people. Isn’t this amazing! Before WhatsApp video calling use to support only 4 participants. But now we don’t have to rely on the other video conferencing apps as WhatsApp brings you to the solution with the Rooms.

QR Code

The QR Code feature is available for iOS users. But, soon with the new WhatsApp update for Android, the Android users will be able to use it too. You must be thinking What is this QR Code feature is all about? So, let us tell you, with these QR Codes, you would not have to tell your number to people. Instead of that, you can just tell them to scan your QR code and it did making it easier for the users. 

Advanced Search

The app has previously launched a beta trial for its iOS users and now it is forthcoming for Android users. Back then it was amazing to search through the messages on WhatsApp. But now with the advanced search feature, you will be able to search for images, GIFs, documents, and audio. Hence, it will make the search experience easier and faster for the users.

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WhatsApp Update Download for Android

It is really easy to update the latest version of WhatsApp on to your phone. All you have to do is follow these simple steps to update it – 

Step 1: Go to Play Store

Step 2: Tap on MENU option (3 Horizontal lines)

Step 3: Select My Apps & Games

Step 4: Tap on Update next to WhatsApp messenger

WhatsApp Update Download for iOS

Step 1: Go to App Store

Step 2: Tap on Updates

Step 3: Tap on Update next to WhatsApp messenger

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Closing Up

Today, WhatsApp has over 1 billion users all around the world. This messaging app has already taken over the traditional SMS completely. This app is user-friendly and allows you to make free calls across the world. Moreover, it offers many amazing free features such as sending and receiving messages, documents, GIFs, images, video conferencing with one or more participants. Lastly, with the WhatsApp new update for Android, it’s going to be exciting.


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