Email Marketing Campaign Analysis for Businesses

Email Marketing Campaign Analysis for Businesses

Analyzing an Email marketing campaign is as important as marketing other campaigns on social media. Moreover, Email marketing campaigns improve performance and user engagement. In this article, we will provide you with a better understanding of how to analyze your emailing campaigns? But before we go further, let’s give you a brief about what is an email marketing campaign?


What is the Email Marketing Campaign?

It is a sequence of emails that can be used to communicate with current and potential customers. Emails can convince customers to engage with the company. So, the company must provide valuable content and relevant offers for better customer engagement. It can also be considered as a type of inbound marketing. There are types of email campaigns such as Welcome emails, Announcement emails, Invitation emails, Cross-selling emails, Reactivation emails, Holiday mails, Birthday emails, Newsletters, and many more.


Successful Email Marketing Analysis

The email marketing campaign analysis gives a powerful and clear insight into the performance of your email campaigns. Here is the list of some effective measure to monitor your email campaigns:

Open rate

This metric helps you to identify how many emails were opened out of the number of emails delivered. 

Click-through rates

It measures the number of clicks on a click-to-action button. If the emails click-through rate is high, it will be considered as valuable content that is relevant and valuable for the subscribers.

Bounce rate

It should be always low because it represents the percentage of emails that were not delivered. Email bouncing is not helpful in business. But it can be improved, multiple reasons make your email bounces such as –

  • Fake email addresses
  • Full inbox
  • Inappropriate size of the email
  • Identification as spam by the recipient server

Forwarded Emails

 This shows the number of emails shared on social media. It helps you to measure the brand advocates.


The less the number of unsubscribers the more your product will grow. However, it makes your email list shorter as people who are not interested, you won’t have to make effort from your side and save your time. It will help you gain more potential subscribers.

Spam complaints

It is the worst-case for you if your emails go to spam. It will not give you any potential customer as the customer won’t be able to see your emails.


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Advanced Reporting and Analysis Techniques

  • Clickstream analysis – It helps you in finding out the subscriber activity after they click on your campaign mails. It includes time spent on your site, page views, exit point, and conversion tracking.
  • Behavioral targeting It helps in analyzing users’ behavior, their response to effective messages and exclusive offers such as coupons, giveaways, call-to-action, and mail copy, etc.
  • Data overlay – It helps to gain the overall information about the subscriber such as age, children, job profile, location, income, etc.
  • Email validation – It determines the health of your list management strategies. Therefore, it keeps a check on your email hygiene, data appending, and change of address, etc.
  • Customer valuation – It helps to measure the clickstream data, purchase history, and engagement levels. It can also check your inactive subscribers.


Best Practices for Email Marketing Campaigns

  • Let the users set their email preferences, so it will help in segmenting potential customers. You can offer your customers to set the preferences in a welcome email. 
  • Add alternatives text (Alt text) for the images it helps to copy the information from the pictures.
  • Plan drip email campaigns help you reach out to more distant and long term goals.
  • Encourage sharing among your subscribers, offer them reward to share your emails on social media.
  • Send birthday campaigns all you gotta do is collect subscribers’ birth date, wish them well, and build happy customer relationships.


Final Words

To wrap up the article we will suggest you reach and target your potential customers. Therefore, send them relevant emails and also measure your email marketing campaigns with all the techniques mentioned above. Your email campaign can be effective when you will be able to deliver the right messages in the right hands of the subscribers at the right time.

As a result, if you keep on improving your email marketing campaigns, it will be easy for you to achieve your long term goals. On the other hand, there are many other ways in digital marketing to promote your business, you can also choose to elevate your business through Social Media Marketing.


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