All About OOPs Concept in Python

All About OOPs Concept in Python


Python is an object-oriented programming (OOP) language. OOPs, a concept in Python is a great topic that many people skip. You must learn the OOPs concept to create apps and do advanced-level programming. Moreover, if you do not see the fundamentals of object-oriented programming. We are here to help you understand it by simple. OOP generally means one of the accessible supports to solve a programming problem is by creating objects. Besides, An object has two characteristics:

  • Attributes
  • Behavior

In this context, we will show the OOPs concepts in Python and the basic terms such as class, objectives, methods. Along with the traits.

OOPs Concept in Python


Inheritance is the most important feature of object-oriented programming, which mocks the real-world concept of inheritance. It specifies that the child object acquires every attribute and behavior of the parent object. By using these, we can create a class that benefits all the properties and behavior of another class. Besides, the new class is known as a derived class or child class. And the one whose properties are obtained is known as a base class or parent class.


Polymorphism contains two words “poly” and “morphs.” Poly is known as many, and morph is known as shape. By polymorphism, we know that one task can be performed in several ways. For example – you have a class animal, and all animals shout or speak. But they talk alternately. Here, the “speak” behavior is polymorphic and relies on the animal. So, the assumed “animal” concept does not actually “speak,” but particular animals (like dogs and cats) have a concrete discharge of the action “speak.”


Encapsulation is also an essential feature of object-oriented programming. It benefited from restricting access to methods and variables. In this, code and data are compressed together within a single unit.

Data Abstraction

Data Abstraction and Encapsulation both are often used as synonyms. These benefited from hiding internal details and showing the only performance, and abstracting something known to give names to things so that the title catches the core of what the whole program does.

Key Points to know:

  • OOP assembles the program simple to understand as well as efficiently.
  • As much as the class is sharable, the code can be reused.
  • Data is safe and fixed with data abstraction.
  • Finally, Polymorphism permits the same interface for different objects. Hence programmers can write systematic code.

Advantages of OOPs concept in Python

Let’s view some of the advantages of object-oriented programming in Python.

  • Firstly, We can simply reuse the objects that we create.
  • Once a program reaches a specific size, OOP based applications are more accessible to code than other types of programs.
  • An object-oriented program is a lot simple to modify, and also, it is simple to maintain existing codes.
  • Lastly, we can use OOPs in several Python frameworks and libraries.

Basic Terms 


An object is an operation that has attributes and behavior. For example – Ram is an object which includes characteristics such as height, weight, color, etc. and also some actions such as walking, talking, eating, etc.


A class is a template for the objects. For example – Ram, Shyam, Steve, Rick are objects. So, we can make a blueprint class for these objects. The class can define the common attributes and behaviors of every object.


As we said above, an object has specific attributes and behaviors. Hence these behaviors are also known as methods.

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Example of Class and Objects

In this example, we have only two objects Ram and Steve, that belong to the class Human.

Object attributes name, height, weight.

Object behaviour: eating().

Source code:

OOPs concept in Python


OOPs concept in Python

Note: Whenever you proceed to learn programming languages you are recommended to use the correct strategy for effective learning.


In this article, we discuss the Python OOPs concepts and the four major OOP concepts as well as some features. Moreover, to gain a good command of the Python language you have to learn the basic concepts and basic data types. Lastly, you can learn Python from these top 10 sites.

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