Do you know How social media impact our youth? Know all Cons & Pros of Social Media…

Over time, the technologies and communications have been improving and evolving at a very fast rate. This made many things possible for a human generation to grow which include the development of communication devices, automobiles, space exploration technologies, etc.


Over this period, the one major impacted technology which made the generation involved in communication devices like smartphones, laptops, computers..etc. But to expand and enhance this technology people came with the idea of developing INTERNET” which will help us in connecting to a source where people can get connected from all over the world which led us in developing social media platforms where all the generation before and after can share their ideas, thoughts, dreams, talents, anything you want.

Social Media Apps

Social media was built with a reason where the people around the world can come together and talk about the life they are living their experiences. From the time it was invented the more social media platforms came into existence such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, Youtube…etc. As the year passed the use of social media kept changing which led to bringing fortune for some people and also misfortune. Social media is now a way for people to share the enjoyable moments of their life or to humiliate the life of someone.





Collection of social media apps

Social media is a term that is known for applications and websites. Both of these words are focused on communication, community-based input, interaction, content-sharing, and collaboration.

Many people use social media to keep in touch and interact with friends and family, while other people use it for communicating with different communities. Many business companies will use social media as a way to market and promote their products.


Some social media platform to talk about such as:

  4. INSTAGRAM & etc.



Facebook - Biggest social media App

It’s a social networking website which helps in making it convenient and simple for you to connect and share with family and friends online. 

It allows users to sign up with an account known as your email.  After this, the user will be able to join the Facebook community where they can share music, videos, photos, etc. Every user has its profile with his unlimited feature known as a timeline where all his activities will be stored. Users can add friends with their known people and unknown people around the world to make friends.


Whatsapp - Best chatting app

It’s a social networking application and website which helps in making users connect via their contact no.

This application uses your contact no. to connect with your other friends who also use WhatsApp. Users can chat via messages in this application where they can share photos, videos, audio..etc. They can make a group together to chat in one space. Whatsapp helps us with a free video and normal call through the internet. 


Snapchat photo filter appIt’s a social networking application that helps in making users connect via their email, phone no.

This application helps us interact using our mobile camera and taking pictures and sending them to our friends. In this users can chat with each other via messages or by pictures. Snapchat has the feature of giving facial changes like it can make us look like a cute dog, bride, guy with cool shades, old guy..etc. It also has a feature known as a map where the user can know about the location of other Snapchat users.


Instagram social media by facebook

It’s a social networking application that helps in making users connect via their email, phone no., Facebook account, google account.

This application helps us interact using our mobile camera, and sending them to our friends. Users can put the feeds on Instagram. In this users can chat with each other via messages or by pictures. Instagram has the feature of giving facial changes like it can make us look like a cute dog, bride, guy with cool shades, old guy..etc. It also has a profile section for each user where users can see what photos have been uploaded until now by the profile owner.



Social Media Impacts on Youngsters


  • Social Awareness Development :

social awarness

Social sites spread awareness in the new youth or generation about sensitive and delicate problems. Moreover, these issues are not raised/know in our surrounding societies. It uprises the consciousness of the efforts and struggles between people from different societies or areas. It creates political and social awareness which gives information on how to gain support in certain emergencies.

  • Source for Teaching and Learning :


teaching, learning through social media apps

Social media is like a gateway for exchanging data and knowledge. It’s a platform for multiple different sources for new generation youth to improve their education by gaining knowledge. Social media sharing feature has created a thesaurus from which we can pick out every bit of information even if it’s a unique and uncommon topic. This helps the new generation youth to look for the teachers, some professors, or future business person or can be collaborating and engaging with their peers.

  • Showing Your Talents, Ideas, Thoughts :

Youngesters show talent on social media

It’s a supportive platform that allows us to show our talent to the world. On these social media platforms, one can show their true talent and recognize their skills & identity they are having.

  • Boosts our self-confidence:

Social media built confidence in youngsters

Social Media helps us boost our self-confidence in the generation among other people around us to stand up to yourself. Moreover, the person won’t feel depressed or low about anything. Also, they will be spiritual and enthusiastic to do something. The recognition the person gets the more successful and confident he becomes to face the world whatever risk he comes across. Sooner or later he will become self-independent.

  • Saves Time from a Lot of Work :

Social media saves time

Also, social media helped us in cultivating our time in doing something useful and productive rather than wasting time on useless things. It can help us get information from far away which helps us not to travel that far and wasting time and strength.  Teenagers improve their knowledge by studying through social media which helps in saving a lot of time.



  • No Privacy :

no privacy available on social media

Social media is so open and sharing the information about a person staying hidden is less than 20%. Hence, there are chances that someone is following you. Once you upload something on social media, then it will circulate all over the social media via the internet. The information we share among friends is meant to be a secret but in reality, it’s not. Some of the chats, photos, videos, audio can be used against the person for something. Hence, this impacts you in a bad way in your positive life. 

  • Decreases productivity and creativity :

Social apps increase stress & depression

Being on Social media is a drug addiction that doesn’t go away until and unless you are 100% committed to it. Youth has been spending so much time over social media, that they stay awake till 3:00 – 4:00 am. Hence, they forget about the betterment of their health. This leads to sleep in day time and laziness. In that time, youth doesn’t do any productive or creative thing to keep themselves healthy in a good way.

  • CyberBullying :

cyber-bullying is on boom

Social Media is also the source where cyberbully started. Social media always has a dangerous risk also due to cyberbullies. Means, if you post and do something that people don’t want then they start taunting, abusing, trash-talking. This one of the dangerous acts that can lead to many disastrous events.

  • Anxiety, Stress, and Depression :

Social media decrease down the creativity of youth

One will feel these when they are cornered about life and no options available. But, cyberbullying is also the reason which can lead to anxiety, stress, and depression. This is where the person feels that he/she is in the darkest depth where no one can understand or help them. They are confused. The situation is like they want help but they pretend like they don’t need help, they want to be left alone. One of dangerous risk/ impact which can change a new generation’s life to a bad one.

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Final Words

In this blog, you’ll get complete details about “How social media impact on our new generation?” I am sure, that you are also having a social media account. Try to gather the positive impact of social media from this blog and get away from bad impacts. Hope you understand this topic very clearly.


What do you experience through social media on you – Bad impact or good impact?


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