Upselling in Digital Marketing

Upselling in Digital Marketing

We have surely come across upselling marketing once in our lifetime but as usual, we are not aware of the techniques so today we will learn about new marketing techniques and how with digital Marketing it can make a success in an organization.


It is a sales strategy where the salesman asks you to invest more in their products like when you buy a phone from a shop, they often ask you to purchase the upgraded edition of the phone which obviously costs more. This type of convincing is upselling. Upselling is done to boost the aggregate sale and to greet customers to choices according to their needs.

Upselling examples

Let us understand it further by the given examples which are strong as well as powerful:-

  • Deliveroo:-  While ordering a sandwich in deliveroo, it add-ons a new meal or extra ingredients like Smoothie or more cheese. It successfully does upsell here without enduring the shopper’s know.
  • Look Fantastic:- Look Fantastic uses upselling here by offering a discount on least order prices like offering a 20% or 10% discount.
  • Tesla:- They allow their shoppers to configure their cars before purchasing. Buyers can raise up the car for an extra fee.
  • Away Travels:- They ask their customers ‘ want even more adaptable league roomy bag’?. Hence customers purchase the upgraded suitcase.
  • Easy jet:- Airlines are the most prominent ones in terms of upselling. They ask the passengers for comfort in return for more cost like selecting the window seat for the view is a perfect instance.
  • Healthspan:- Subscription rather than a one-off investment is what Healthspan performs. Subscriptions make sure that the customer will pay continually.

Tips for upselling

  • Keep upselling limited:- Successful upsells commence with a solution to their problems. Keep in mind that additional options clearly produce more complicated and often confuses the customers. Therefore, keep things simple.
  • Tune a related upsell

Know precisely what kind of upselling your customer needs rather than offering any abandoned upgrade. Do not make this fault which others perform.

  •  Consistent value

Companies conclude is that their job is complete once they’ve sold their product or service. It is a myth to conclude that the customer will be ready to upgrade as soon as you ask them. Therefore, even after post-sale you need to facilitate your customers.

  •  Specify the customers who have a desire

Firstly, use a promising tool that lets you know what the customer is interested in and what he wants to buy from you. Portion consumers into a list and always facilitate them. This way, you can schedule your targets adequately.

  • Offer discount

Giving customers discounts or coupon codes is very helpful in lead generation. The reason behind this is they did not buy the higher plan.

Pros of Upselling

What are the reasons for which a company does upselling? And what are the benefits of upselling? Well, let us discuss it in a detailed form.

  • Firstly, in order to build a wider relationship with the buyers, upselling is done which is proven to be successful. It comes out to be shoppers’ satisfaction as they feel they are given more importance.
  • Secondly, as they say, old is gold. Likewise, it is simple to upsell a prevailing client than new ones as they already trust you. According to a survey, 60-70% upsell is successful when it comes to existing customers whereas there is only 5-20% success to a new customer.
  • Upselling helps in Customer Lifetime Value which is the net profit of a company earned over the period. CLV can be categorized into Not profitable, profitable, and very profitable. The more the CLV additional the customer revenue generation.
  • Upselling helps your customer arrive back for more of what you are selling. According to them, the company is thinking more about its customers which again makes its customers pleased.

Cons of Upselling

Every coin has two sides, likewise upselling too have it. Let us know the cons of upselling too.

  • A strategy that pertains to stepping the fine line between benefiting a customer and being pushy. If a sales representative is being forceful or has bad timing, or doesn’t ask questions before trying to push the more costly stock, he comes off as pushy.
  • It is not helpful to the company or the customer if the boosted price does not bring essential elements to the sale. When a customer has no need with the additional features eventually makes overpaid while upselling.
  • Sometimes what happens is that when you pay employees on commission and selling are their main function, upselling becomes realistic. If you inquire employees to upsell when he does not get paid on the commission, then you will not notice excellent outcomes.

Can the company do upselling in Digital Marketing

Of course, it can. In fact, Digital Marketing and Upselling can go hand to hand and can provide success to a business. These are the advice one can practice in digital marketing too.

  1. Social Media:- According to eMarketer 53% of people buy a brand after following and engaging with that brand on social media. What digital marketing can do here is by analyzing the customers they can not only display ads for purchasing the product but also can display ads of upselling products.
  2.  Retargeting:- It can be helpful here as by doing segmentation of your existing consumers, you can keep your upsell-focused messages in a cloak of your consumers.
  3. Email Marketing:- The concept behind email marketing is giving your brands the latest updates in front of your expectations and customers, planning on email marketing, and upselling can work better for the company.


To sum up, marketing every time comes up with new techniques, upselling though not a modern technique blending it with recently developed ‘Digital Marketing’ can be a success for your company. Do try it but before that go through the possibilities of upselling and its pros and cons.

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